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Were you involved in a car accident on a road or highway in Pennsylvania? Or perhaps charged with a DUI in PA and now you’re looking for the best lawyer to handle your case? If so, check out our free ebooks below. They contain all the information you’ll need to get started on your case. And please feel free to contact us any time for a free consultation about your legal matter. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you. Fill out our convenient online contact form today or reach out to our office directly at 814-273-2010.

REMEMBER: Accessing our ebooks does not make you a client of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. These books are just a way to educate yourself about the challenges and difficulties you might face following a car accident or DUI in Pennsylvania, and how to make smart decisions as you look for solutions to the problems that these legal matters might create for you. There is no charge for these books, and if you decide to contact us your information will not be sold or given away to anyone.

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More cool stuff is coming from Purchase & George, P.C. This newsletter, for example. It’s the first of what we plan to be a regular publication. Our goal is to be informative and hopefully fun (at least a little). So, look forward to more in this space.

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Read the Senate bill raising the minimum car insurance coverage required in Pennsylvania or call for a free consult with an Erie injury lawyer: 814-273-2010.

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Pennsylvania’s latest law to limit distracted driving and more injury and accident info. Call for a free injury lawyer consult today: 814-273-2010 / toll free 814-273-2010.

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Here are a few tips on survival skills and safe riding etiquette.

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Rear end accident with an admitted injury ends in defense verdict in Erie County car accident injury trial. Purchase, George and Murphey, P.C. was not involved in any way in the trial of this case. It is nevertheless instructive as to the risks faced by injured people in even the seemingly easy cases.

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In November of 2009, Eric Purchase gave a seminar to lawyers who wished to update their knowledge of the law pertaining to car accidents and car insurance claims. These materials were provided to participants who attended the seminar. The event was sponsored by the Erie County Bar Association and was held at the Erie Convention Center.

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Cell phone use while driving is a large and growing problem. If you’ve been injured in an accident in which you suspect the other driver was distracted by texting or cell phone use, we’ve got information that can help you.

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Are you a rescuer (for example, a policeman or fireman) injured while helping someone else? You may be entitled to compensation under Pennsylvania’s rescue doctrine. A case interpreting the rescue doctrine, Yurecka v. Zappala, 472 F.3d 59 (2006) is available here for review.

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You may be interested in learning about Pennsylvania’s law on child restraint systems in your car. Maybe your child is at that age where she may be old enough to do away with the booster seat and you just want to be sure you’re doing the right thing. Here’s the latest information on PA law, current through January 2011, for your review.

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Library Documents:

35 Tips for Handling Your Own Pennsylvania Car Accident Settlement

Perhaps you’re considering handling your personal injury case on your own, without the help of an Erie injury lawyer. You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few quick tips to consider as you consider how to proceed with your car accident injury case. [...] Read More

Anatomy of the Spine

The spinal column, or backbone, consists of 33 bones (vertebrae) and can be divided into five segments: the cervical, the thoracic, the lumbar, the sacrum, and the coccyx (the tailbone). The cervical (neck), thoracic (midback) and lumbar (lower back) vertebrae are the uppermost 24 vertebrae and are separated from one another by fibrous cartilage pads, called intervertebral discs [...] Read More

Car Accident Prevention Tips: What to Do When Hydroplaning

Our region experiences plenty of wet weather, either from rain or snow. In the coming months, we will see snowy roads become “slushy” roads, either after the salt trucks pass or the temperature warms. When water pools on northwest Pennsylvania roads – from a road defect or simply due to Mother Nature – an all-too-familiar danger looms: hydroplaning. [...] Read More

Cervical Vertigo

Cervical vertigo refers to dizziness and imbalance following a substantial neck injury. The usual symptoms occur with movement of the neck and typically do not involve tinnitus (ringing of the ears) or hearing loss, although ear pain and neck pain are common. [...] Read More

Diffuse Axonal Injury Lawyers: Brain Injury Lawyers

Diffuse Axonal Injury occurs when axons (the parts of nerve cells that allow neurons to send messages between them) are disrupted. It is an injury to multiple areas of the brain. It is among the most common of brain injuries and can occur in all types of head injuries, from the most mild to the most severe. Its effects can be devastating and it is, in fact, one of the leading causes of death among people with traumatic brain injury. [...] Read More

Discover How Contingent Fee Agreements Deter Frivolous Lawsuits

A contingent fee agreement, by its very nature, requires a lawyer to screen and accept only cases with merit (or else perform work with no realistic prospect of being paid). Such agreements improve access to justice for people with limited funds because large retainers are not required. [...] Read More

Epileptic Vertigo Brain Injury

Some brain injuries can lead to vertigo, or a sense of spinning or dizziness. People who’ve suffered these injuries can benefit from representation by personal injury lawyers who understand the complexities of proving causation and damages associated with such injuries. [...] Read More

Erie Bicycle Injury Lawyers: New Law Creates Safety Zone

Effective April 2, 2012, a new law in Pennsylvania imposes specific responsibilities on and creates legal protection for both motorists and bicyclists in an effort to enhance the safety of bicyclists. Whether you’re a bicyclist or a driver, here’s what you need to know about Pennsylvania’s new bicycle safety law. [...] Read More

Erie Car Accident Lawyers: Top 5 Car Seat Safety Tips

Pennsylvania car accidents are the top killer of children ages 1 to 12. One of the easiest ways to protect children from the risks of an Erie car crash is to make sure that the proper car seat is used as intended. Here are five easy safety tips to make sure that you are doing what you should to make your child safe in the event of a Pennsylvania car crash. [...] Read More

Erie’s 13 Most Dangerous Winter Roads

Recent information from the Pennsylvania State Police, PennDOT, Millcreek Township Police, Erie Bureau of Police, Corry Township, and a towing service seems to confirm our suspicions. There are definitely roads in Erie, PA that have more than their fair share of Pennsylvania winter auto accidents. Here are the 13 most dangerous winter roads in Erie County, Pennsylvania. [...] Read More

Help! I’ve Been in a Pennsylvania Car Accident and Now an Insurance Company Wants Me to Give a Recorded Statement

After a Pennsylvania car accident, it’s common for your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company to ask for a recorded statement. You’ll want to know when you have to give a recorded statement; when you don’t have to consent to a recorded statement and absolutely should not give one; and how to avoid the mistakes people make when giving a recorded statement that can ruin an Erie car accident case. [...] Read More

Hit by a Car While Walking, Running, or Cycling

Hit While Walking, Running or Cycling in Erie, Meadville, Warren, or Franklin, Pennsylvania? Here Are Six Tips to Help You Make Things Right Again! [...] Read More

How to Deal with the Other Guy’s Insurance Company, Part I

If you’ve recently been injured in an Erie car accident, you’ll have questions. One of them may be, “How do I deal with the other guy’s insurance company?” There’s only one good reason for talking to the other guy’s insurance company and there are several rules to follow if you choose to talk to them. [...] Read More

How to Deal with the Other Guy’s Insurance Company, Part II

In this second part to our article on “How to Deal with the Other Guy’s Insurance Company,” we offer three tips on subjects, including how to handle your initial disclosures, whether to give a recorded statement, and what to expect from the insurance company’s request for a medical authorization. [...] Read More

How to Deal with the Other Guy’s Insurance Company, Part III

If you’ve been seriously injured in a Pennsylvania car accident case, we recommend that you talk to an experienced Erie car accident lawyer before you talk to an insurance company. But if you really insist on doing it yourself, here are three more tips for dealing with the other guy’s insurance company, including a summary of your rights and responsibilities, when to make a written demand, and a description of the options available to you. [...] Read More

How to Deal with Your Insurance Company After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

If you were recently involved in an Erie car crash, you may have questions about how to deal with your own insurance company. We offer answers to your questions, including when to notify your company, what your rights are with regard to your car repairs, and what to expect if you were at fault and someone was injured in the car accident. [...] Read More

How to Get a Fair Insurance Settlement After an Auto Accident

Car accident victims, their families, and the Erie County car accident lawyers of Purchase, George & Murphey share a common goal. They want to agree to a fair settlement that helps people recover from serious car crashes. Eric Purchase and Tim George are Erie accident lawyers who have the patience, experience, empathy, and skill to help you with your settlement objectives. [...] Read More

Judge Refuses to Reduce $275,000 Jury Verdict

Judges have the power to reduce a jury’s verdict in an injury case, but it is a power that is rarely employed. A defendant’s effort to get a jury verdict of $275,000 in a car accident case reduced was recently addressed by the Court of Common Pleas of Buck County. [...] Read More

Limited Tort Claims Another Victim in Monroe County

We’ve long cautioned our clients, family and friends against electing the limited tort option on their Pennsylvania automobile insurance policies. For those who’ve already elected limited tort, we encourage a call to the insurance agent (followed by a confirmatory letter) changing the option ASAP! [...] Read More

Lumbar Discectomy

Discectomy is a surgery performed on the lower back to remove damaged disc material that is causing pain and other symptoms. The Erie back injury lawyers at Purchase, George and Murphey, P.C. offer information, links, and animation of this procedure for people considering this procedure for themselves or for their loved ones. [...] Read More

Lumbar Laminectomy

A lumbar laminectomy is a surgery performed on the lower back and which removes a bony portion of the spine known as the lamina. The lawyers of Purchase, George and Murphey, P.C. have experience with personal injury cases involving lumbar laminectomies. We can provide information and access to a cool animation of the procedure for people who are contemplating the surgery. [...] Read More

Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery is a surgery most often performed on the lower back to permanently connect two or more vertebrae so as to eliminate motion between the two vertebrae. The back injury lawyers at Purchase, George and Murphey, P.C. have experience with cases involving spine fusion surgery and here offer information, links, and animated demonstrations of the technique for people considering spine fusion surgery for themselves or their loved ones. [...] Read More

Meadville Injury Lawyer

Were you hurt in a Meaville, PA accident? You’ve come to the right place. Your injuries are concerning enough, but now you must deal with income loss and mounting medical expenses. Your Crawford County injury lawyer team at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. will help you and your family through these difficult times. [...] Read More

Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks

The New Trend of Mixing Alcohol with Popular Energy Drinks Is a Dangerous Fad That Places Drinkers and Others at Risk. [...] Read More

No-Fault Hydroplaning Accidents

Hydroplaning, which happens when your car, motorcycle, or truck tires become separated from the road surface by a layer of water, can be caused by excessive speed or poor tire tread. However, in many cases, hydroplaning is caused by something completely out of a driver’s control – road defects. [...] Read More

Pedestrian Safety Tips

It’s summertime and we all want to get outside. Walking provides a great way to do that and to get some exercise. However, each summer there are many accidents involving pedestrians, whether it be on the road, on a sidewalk, or in a bike path. In order to minimize the chance of being involved in a pedestrian accident, your Erie Accident Lawyers have put together a list of pedestrian safety tips. [...] Read More

Pedestrian Statistics

Provides helpful information to people looking for help following a pedestrian accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident and are looking for highly rated lawyers who have experience in pedestrian accident cases, you can find helpful information and free books here. [...] Read More

Positional Vertigo or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Head injuries and neck injuries are common and can lead to various types of post-traumatic vertigo. This is an explanation of Positional Vertigo or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). [...] Read More

Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome is a combination of headache, dizziness, and mental disturbance following a head injury. It is usually attributed to “Traumatic Brain Injury” or “TBI,” which are general terms for head injuries affecting the brain. [...] Read More

Post-Traumatic Meniere’s Syndrome

Meniere’s syndrome or disease is an abnormality of the inner ear and causes dizziness, noise, and hearing changes. Purchase, George and Murphey, P.C. is an Erie personal injury legal team whose members have experience with litigation related to post-traumatic Meniere’s syndrome. More information about Meniere’s disease and the Erie Meniere’s Syndrome lawyers at Purchase, George and Murphey, P.C. is available here. [...] Read More

Post-Traumatic Vertigo

Post-Traumatic Vertigo refers to dizziness that follows a head injury or a neck injury. There are many potential causes of Post-Traumatic Vertigo, including: [...] Read More

Real Life Question-and-Answer Series: A False Witness

A man hit my car from behind. He now has a false witness. What can I do? There were other cars around but no standing witnesses, and neither I nor the other driver got any witnesses before we left the scene. ANSWER from Purchase, George & Murphey: [...] Read More

Real Life Question-and-Answer Series: Driver Pulls Out of Parking Spot

My daughter was parked in a parking lot. When she backed out, she hit the door of a double-parked car. Would she have been given a citation? Would the person illegally parked have been cited? Who pays for the damage? My daughter’s car was undamaged. ANSWER from Purchase, George & Murphey: [...] Read More

Real Life Question-and-Answer Series: I Caused an Accident

I was driving my grandmother’s car and caused an accident. The medical bills for a person in one of the other vehicles supposedly are more than the insurance policy covers. Can I get sued? I am 18 and I have a $500-a-month job. I own nothing and do not live at home. ANSWER from Purchase, George & Murphey: [...] Read More

Seatbelt Statistics

Seat belt use is the single most important safety measure you can take. Here are just a few statistics that make the case. [...] Read More

Smartphones: Your Personal Car Accident Assistant

Just in a Pennsylvania car accident? There’s an app for that, believe it or not. We’ve offered tips here about what to do after a Pennsylvania car accident. However, we’ve never before given much consideration to how helpful today’s smartphones can be in accomplishing those tasks. Now that we’ve thought about it, it turns out they can do quite a lot. [...] Read More

Suffered an Injury to a Joint

If you’ve suffered injury to a joint or ligament, you may be at risk for developing post-traumatic arthritis. If your injury is the subject of a car accident or other injury case, failure to properly investigate such a possibility can put you at risk of settling your case without being fully compensated for the harm you may suffer in the future. [...] Read More

Summer Driving Tips

In Erie, as summer comes and the roads clear, we all want to drive faster. We finally don’t have to worry about snow and ice and therefore, it is easy to think that we don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to driving during the summertime. As Erie accident attorneys, we know that this is not true. Here is a list of things to think about when driving in the summer months. [...] Read More

Take the Pledge and Get a Free Bracelet

Take the pledge to stop texting and driving and we’ll send you this free bracelet. All you have to do is click on the link to our contact page, fill out your information, and cut and paste the following pledge in our “Tell us More” Section. [...] Read More

Temporal Bone Fractures

Temporal bone fractures can lead to severe consequences and symptoms, including facial paralysis and brain infection. Victims of such injuries who need legal representation can benefit from the experience of lawyers who understand inner ear injuries and their presentation in a personal injury context. [...] Read More

The Sobering Truth About Drinking and Driving

The following numbers were prepared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2008, nearly 40% of all Pennsylvania fatal car accidents involved alcohol. Pennsylvania drunk driving statistics are a sobering reminder of the human tragedy created by the deadly mix of alcohol and driving. [...] Read More

The Top Three Questions About Snow Tires

You may be wondering, “Should I get snow tires this year? Geez, with all these holiday expenses, can I afford to get snow tires?” Well, our advice as Erie accident lawyers is an unqualified, “Yes!” Here are three of the most frequently asked questions about snow tires, as well as our answers. [...] Read More

Three Ways to Ruin Your Doctor’s Visit and Your Erie Car Accident Case

If you’ve been hurt in a Pennsylvania car crash, you may have heard that the way you deal with your doctor can ruin your car accident injury case. There are three common mistakes that car accident victims make that can be easily avoided. [...] Read More

Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive in Pennsylvania

Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive in Pennsylvania: 1. Don’t forget the Bookwork! 2. Start in a Parking Lot. 3. Learn the Controls. And more! [...] Read More

Tired of the Other Guy’s Insurance Company Being Unfair with You

Learn some of the reasons why the playing field is tilted against you after your car accident or truck accident in Erie or Meadville, Pennsylvania. And learn what you can do about it. [...] Read More

Two Winter Driving Laws You May Not Know About

In northwest Pennsylvania, snow and ice blanket the region for about a quarter of the year and the law imposes special requirements on drivers that you may not know about. To avoid penalties and be safe, read on for two unique winter driving laws that you may not already be aware of. [...] Read More

Wendy’s Story

The defect in Wendy Engle’s spine probably developed in her childhood, perhaps as a result of gymnastics. The defect probably didn’t cause her any pain when it happened. She raised children, built a career as a nurse, and lived an active life, all without knowing about the defect in her spine. But it was there, making her vulnerable to just the right sort of trauma. The kind of trauma that happens when you get T-boned in an intersection car accident. [...] Read More

Wet Weather Driving Tips

The Erie we are used to has a lot of precipitation, mainly in the form of snow. However, your Erie Accident Lawyers know that it is important to consider not only snowy roads, but also wet roads. Here are some tips on how to travel safely on wet surfaces. [...] Read More

What Recent Behavioral Trend Concerns Erie Car Accident Lawyers?

While any sort of distraction while you are driving can be dangerous, what makes texting and driving such a deadly combination is that it involves all three main types of distractions. [...] Read More

What to Do Immediately After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

If you’ve just been in an Erie car accident, there will be time to answer questions about how to deal with the other driver’s insurance company and about whether to give a recorded statement. But first, you’ve got to worry about what do immediately after the car wreck. Here are nine steps to guide you through the immediate aftermath of an Erie car accident. [...] Read More

Whiplash Injury Syndrome

The term “whiplash” is used generically to refer to neck injuries that follow rear-end car accidents. These injuries are classically “soft tissue” injuries associated with hyperextension or hyperflexion of the neck. [...] Read More

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After a Pennsylvania Car Accident?

If you’ve been injured in an Erie car crash, one of the first questions you’ll want an answer to is, “Who will pay my Erie car accident medical bills?” The answer depends on your insurance and your status in the accident. [...] Read More

Winter Driving Tips

As we move inexorably toward winter, it may be helpful to review tips for driving in the snow. The Pennsylvania injury lawyers of Erie and Meadville offer these helpful tips just in time for the first “big snow” forecast for the region. [...] Read More

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