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Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in Erie, PA

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You Fight Sex Crime Charges in Erie, Pennsylvania

Charged with a sex offence, or under investigation for a sex offence, in Pennsylvania? Few allegations can change lives like a sex crime allegation. The mere  hint of rape, sexual assault, molestation, or indecent exposure could ruin your reputation. Moreover, a conviction could result in a long prison sentence and mandatory sex offender registration requirements for the rest of your life.

“I went to Tim George because I saw firsthand the results he got for a friend of mine…I can’t recommend Tim enough. He did for me what he did for my friend. He worked wonders.”
Kevin (Sexual Assault Client) 

In Pennsylvania, tremendous resources are expended to investigate and prosecute sex offences. Most counties now have law enforcement teams devoted exclusively to sex crime prosecution. Such teams often include police, nurses, doctors, and prosecutors.

If you were recently accused of a sex offense in Erie County or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, you must be prepared to defend your freedom – and your future – with even greater  commitment than that expended by the government. You are behind and now have to catch up. And you’ve come to the right place. Under investigation for a sex crime in PA? Just arrested? Now is the time to start building your defense. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the law and who knows how to fight back against prosecutors in the courtroom.

“My brother came to Tim George for a [child sex] crime that he didn’t commit. While other lawyers had a “wait and see” attitude, Tim was VERY proactive and began working on the case immediately. With his persistence, hard work and excellent communication, charges were not filed. I can’t say enough good things about [Purchase, George & Murphey, PC]”
Sex Offense Client

PGM Team of Attorneys

Your Freedom Is at Stake If You Are Convicted of a Sex Offense

The punishment for sex offenses in Pennsylvania almost always includes prison. Here are the standard ranges of sentences for someone –  with no prior record  – convicted of certain sex offences:

  • Rape (victim < 13 yrs.)  —  6-20 years in prison
  • Rape (f orcible compulsion)  —  48-66 months
  • IDSI (forcible  compulsion)  —  48-66 months
  • Sexual Assault —  36-54 months
  • Aggravated Indecent Assault —  22-36 months
  • Statutory Sexual Assault —  6-14 months
  • Indecent Assault (victim < 13 yrs.)  — 9 months
  • Indecent Assault  — 3 months

These examples from the sentencing guidelines illustrate just the starting point of the sentences for sex crimes. The statutory maximum sentence applies in every PA sex crime case. Statutory maximum sentences can be up to 20 years (Felony 1), 10 years (Felony 2), 7 years (Felony 3), or 5 years (Misdemeanor 1). Many cases include more than one offense, and sentences can be run consecutive (back to back) to one another. Some of the longest sentences handed down by Pennsylvania criminal court judges are for convicted sex offenders.

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You Can Face Other Negative Consequences for a Sex Crime Conviction in PA

In addition to subjecting the offender to significant prison time, many sex offenses also require sex offender counseling and timely sex offender registration upon parole for 15 years, 25 years, or even for the rest of your lifetime. Sex offender registration requirements include:

  • Statewide Registry of Sexual Offenders.
  • In-person appearances to update your information.
  • Timely updates for changes in your residence, employment, enrollment at schools, and telephone numbers, including cell phone numbers.

Now is the time to protect your rights and to begin to build your defense.

Overcharged or Falsely Accused of a Sex Offense in Pennsylvania?

In more than two decades of defending people being investigated for, or charged with, sex offenses in Pennsylvania, we know that people can be falsely accused or overcharged. We understand that, just like other allegations, accusers don’t always tell the truth. They may have a variety of motives to lie or exaggerate.

Many people have read about stories of false allegations made in the context of sex crimes. We all know about the people who, many years after being convicted and imprisoned, were shown to be innocent when accusers recanted their claims, the actual wrongdoer came forward, or DNA analysis showed that the crime was committed by someone else.

But you can’t afford to wait. Work must be done now to protect your rights, start your investigation, and push back against the sex crime charges. Waiting until after you’re convicted to marshal a vigorous defense will be too late for you.

About Our Aggressive Erie, PA Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Erie criminal defense lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. bring unique and hard-won experience to help you fight back against being wrongfully charged, or over-charged, with sex offenses. Here are just a few of our credentials:

  • Former assistant district attorney.
  • Former U.S. Army trial counsel in Iraq.
  • Named Pennsylvania Super Lawyer – Criminal Defense in 2016, as compiled by an independent service using a patented selection process designed to identify outstanding lawyers in particular practice areas.
  • Rated AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell for highest ethics and legal ability, based upon reviews by judges and other lawyers.
  • Rated 10.0-Superb by Avvo.com, based upon our experience and endorsements by other lawyers.
  • Awarded Client’s Choice Award for Criminal Defense by Avvo.com, based upon the number of favorable reviews by other lawyers and clients.
  • Awarded  Client’s Choice Award for DUI Defense  by Avvo.com, based upon the number of favorable reviews by other lawyers and clients.
  • Named  Top 100 Trial Lawyers  by The National Trial Lawyers.

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