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Social Security Disability Lawyers Erie, PA

PA Social Security Disability Attorneys Help Clients Get SSD Benefits in Crawford County, Erie County, and Throughout Western Pennsylvania

Workers pay for Social Security Disability Insurance with each paycheck through patrol deductions. Throughout a person’ working life, a small amount is deducted to pay benefits to people who can no longer work because of disability or illness. Any worker who has paid into SSD for the mandated time and is found to be disabled after one year is eligible to receive benefits, according to the rules used by Social Security.

Although this sounds straightforward, actually obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is often challenging. That’s where we come in. The Erie, PA attorneys at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. help disabled workers obtain the SSD benefits they need. When we are successful, our fee is based on the percentage of the back benefits you receive. If we are not successful, you pay no attorney’s fee.

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How Our Western PA Attorneys Help With an SSD Claim

Studies have show that workers who hire SSD lawyers in Pennsylvania have a better chance of obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. Our lawyers know how to advocate successfully for clients because we have done it before and we know the process. We understand how to structure SSD claims so that medical evidence, work history, and doctor reports are presented effectively. Our lawyers handle all aspects of the SSDI claim process in PA, including:

  • Initial applications for disability benefits.
  • Preparation and advocacy during appeals if the initial claim is denied.
  • Answers to your questions about your Social Security Disability benefits claims.
  • Make sure that your claim includes all qualifying disabilities.
  • Disability benefits for children.
  • Disability benefits for people who can still work.
  • Coordination of benefits with Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation when appropriate—some workers may be eligible for both.
  • Advocate for vocational training when you want to work part time because of your disability.

This means we gather and review all medical evidence, ensure that the appeals court judge has all the relevant information needed, help you document your daily activities to show your limitations, cross-examine vocational and medical experts and specialists, and file additional appeals if the first SSD appeal is unsuccessful.

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What Amount Can a Disabled PA Worker Expect to Receive in SSD Benefits?

The average amount of SSD benefits paid in 2017 was $1,171 per month. The maximum monthly benefit was $2, 687. Social Security uses an average of your past earnings to calculate disability benefits. The best way to ensure that you get maximum Social Security Disability Benefits is to speak with an experienced SSD attorney in Pennsylvania today.

Am I Really Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits in PA?

Most people who have been working for more than a few years are eligible for SSD benefits if:

  • They have a physical or mental injury or condition that keeps them from performing any “substantial gainful activity,” or SGA in the language of the Social Security Administration.
  • Their condition or illness is expected to last at least 12 months or cause death.
  • They are under age 65.
  • They have enough work credits for their age.

The Social Security Disability claims evaluation process relies heavily on medical evidence that shows the worker’s inability to continue working. Applicants for SSD benefits may be asked to visit a different doctor for a third party evaluation. If the medical evidence clearly shows that the person has one of the conditions or illnesses in the SSD Blue Book – the Bible for disability evaluators – the claim will probably be approved. However, most SSD applications do not have enough medical evidence or the right kind of evidence – and, as a result, the claims are denied. This can require applicants to file an appeal and wait even longer for Social Security Disability benefits.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation to Discuss Your Potential Claim with Our Erie, PA Social Security Disability Lawyers

At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., we understand that the process for applying for SSD benefits can be complex.  We provide all potential clients with a free initial case review. We are here to advocate for your right to full benefits and can handle every aspect of your claim or appeal the denial of your claim.

For more information about applying for SSD, contact the Erie Social Security Disability attorneys at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. Call now or use our online contact form. SSD claims can be complicated and lengthy. Disabled workers need guidance as they undertake the process of obtaining their rightful disability benefits in Pennsylvania.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability Benefits in Erie, PA

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be complex and overwhelming—especially when you are already struggling with a serious physical or mental ailment.  A knowledgeable lawyer can be key to making sure that you get the federal benefits that are rightfully yours.

Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability benefit claims.  Our Erie, PA Social Security Disability lawyers are here to help answer any questions specific to your case and represent you throughout the entire process of qualifying for benefits.

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