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Not your first DUI? Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Pennsylvania is challenging enough. You face fines, loss of your license, possible jail time, other penalties, and what the law calls “collateral consequences.” Worse yet, being convicted of a second or third (or more) DUI charge means that you will face even more severe penalties in Pennsylvania, sometimes called “sentencing enhancements.”

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You shouldn’t give up, and neither will we. An experienced DUI defense lawyer may be able to identify issues in a second or third DUI that can help you defeat, or at least minimize, such harsh penalties. At the Erie, Pennsylvania law firm of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., we understand the issues and complications that arise from previous DUI convictions. We will explain your options and then work hard to obtain the best result possible for you.

Consequences of Second, Third, or More DUI Convictions in Pennsylvania

What happens when you have an earlier DUI conviction depends upon a number of factors. How long ago did earlier DUI convictions occur? What was your BAC? Did the DUI cause injury to anyone or result in property damage? These and other factors affect the mandatory minimum prison sentence, the statutory maximum sentence, and the length of a driver’s license suspension.

A second or subsequent DUI conviction can result in a first degree misdemeanor with a prison sentence of up to 5 years, fines of up to $10,000, and a driver’s license suspension of up to 18 months. An even more difficult challenge for second and subsequent DUI offenders is the mandatory minimum sentence that judges must impose. The mandatory prison sentence in your DUI case could range from 48 hours in prison to one year in prison, depending upon the number of previous DUI convictions on your criminal record and the level of your BAC.

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Criminal Defense Case Results

Charges Dropped

Aggravated Assault

An Erie man faced a maximum sentence of 27 years in prison after he stabbed another man with a butcher knife in an altercation. The wounds required the man to be admitted to a local hospital.


Criminal Mischief

A man claimed that a woman kicked his car repeatedly, resulting in damage. It was successfully argued that the evidence presented at the hearing was not sufficient to hold the case for trial.

Charges Dropped

DUI, Lane violation & Careless driving

Late at night, a driver turned right at a stop light and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic. His BAC was over the legal limit. He was charged with DUI, a lane violation and careless driving.

Not Guilty

Sex Offense

An instructor at a local high school was accused by a student of indecent assault on the last day of school. After four days of trial, the jury acquitted the instructor of all charges.

Criminal Defense Client Reviews

  • "I contacted Tim during a difficult time in my life. I was pulled over and charged with a DUI (thankfully no collisions, property damage or the like). I started researching lawyers in the area, and it became clear that there was a gold standard: Purchase Murphey and George. Tim personally consulted with me over the phone, sending my comprehensive packages of material to read up on what exactly I was being charged with, and what my options were. I live outside of Pennsylvania, but Tim and his office acted as an essential liaison between the police/court system and myself. We didn't miss a beat, and the process moved smoothly."

  • "I chose Atty. George based on his stellar reputation and record in helping with criminal defense. My situation was handled just as I had hoped. Tim was very responsive to my needs, was very clear with my options and very specific about what would happen next. Tim and his staff were very very responsive and that is something you do not see these days. They took every question I raised and answered them quickly and thoroughly and I was never once wondering when I would hear back from either Atty. George or his staff. I would highly recommend Atty. Tim George and I would definitely use his services again in the future."

  • "I hired Tim as my attorney to get my criminal record expunged of two charges (harassment and assault) from 2007. He did a great job explaining the process and what was required of me. His support staff was also extremely helpful and responded to all my concerns promptly. I was so happy and relieved when I found out my petition was granted! Tim did an excellent job and I would recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation."

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Mr. George and his entire office staff were very kind and helping me through my first ever experience with the law. He was able to get me exactly what he said he would in the outcome of my trial. The entire staff was very informative and kept me up to date on everything. Very pleased with my experience and would most definately recommend him to others.

Allison, July 8, 2017