Penalty for Refusing Breathalyzer Test in Pennsylvania

If you are pulled over after a night out with friends, you may worry about your future and its legal implications. Understanding the laws and your rights is important if you ever find yourself in this position. Do you know Pennsylvania’s laws regarding a DUI and the requirement of taking a breathalyzer test?   Do […] Read More

Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Benefits

All employers in Pennsylvania must carry workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a type of benefit that protects workers in the event that they are injured while working on the job. This benefit should cover an injured worker’s medical bills and lost wages. What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover? You might not ever consider what workers’ compensation […] Read More

Motorcyclists’ Risks Increase During Summer Months

Pennsylvania drivers will likely notice an increase of motorcyclists on the roads during the summer months. This is because Pennsylvania is subject to harsh, cold winters, which are not ideal for motorcycling weather. But, while the roads may be more ideal for motorcyclists in the summer months, the risks may also increase. Why Motorcyclists’ Risks […] Read More

Top Reasons Why Car Accidents Increase During Summer

Summer brings warm weather and ample amounts of sunshine. So, why does it also bring an increase in car accidents? Knowing the numerous causes of accidents, as well as how to prevent them, can help you and your family stay safe this summer. Common Causes of Pennsylvania’s Summer Accidents Pennsylvania, as well as the rest […] Read More

Pennsylvania Shoplifting Laws

People engage in shoplifting for a number of reasons — sometimes people steal items they or their family desperately need but cannot afford (such as food), while other people are driven to steal due to mental health issues like kleptomania, while some people engage in shoplifting for personal profit. Whatever the reason, a conviction for […] Read More

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