Getting Injured On Someone Else’s Property: Things You Should Keep In Mind

Filing a Claim After an Injury on Someone Else’s Property Often times, personal injuries can happen on someone else’s property. These injuries can cause great distress for the victim in physical injuries and medical expenses. If the property owner has not kept adequate care of their property or facilities, they are putting others at risk […] Read More

How to React After a Dog Bite

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Injury When a dog bites someone, it can be a very traumatic and emotional situation for the victim and the owner. Unfortunately, dog bites are very frequent accidents and often affect postmen and children the most. Dog bites make up a very large amount of personal injury cases […] Read More

Mistake of Fact as A Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense and Mistake of Fact Sometimes in a criminal case, the defendant claims that because there was a misunderstanding surrounding the crime he or she did not have the intent of committing a crime. A misinterpretation or ignorance of certain factors in the case may be a defense a criminal defense attorney can use, […] Read More

How a Typical Personal Injury Case Works

What is a Personal Injury? From a legal standpoint, all personal injury cases follow the same pattern – a person or entity had a duty to care for another person, that person failed and an innocent person got injured. Under these circumstances, the person or entity that failed to provide for the care of another […] Read More

Importance of Evidence in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

Collecting Evidence in a Car Accident Case There are car accidents every day. Some of these car accidents are purely an accident whereas others, the negligence of one, or multiple, drivers are to blame. Multi-vehicle car accidents can make it even more complicated as you attempt to identify who is at fault. In order to […] Read More

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