The Most Common Accidents That Happen on Black Friday

Black Friday brings out the most extreme of shoppers. Whether you are the type who spends the night shopping, or you prefer to wake up early, the increase of shoppers on the road can lead to many accidents, including ones right in the parking lot. Considering the risks, as well as the steps you can […] Read More

Am I Still Able to Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer if I Already Filed a Claim Myself?

It is often tempting to file a lawsuit on your own, in an attempt to avoid paying for a consultation or retainer fees. Unfortunately, the medical malpractice lawsuit process in Pennsylvania can be confusing and lengthy, and it is usually best to work with an experienced lawyer. Fortunately, even if you have already filed your […] Read More

Do Truck Accidents Become More Common During the Winter Season?

Winter roads can present a dangerous driving situation for people, especially commercial truck drivers. Trucks are heavier in weight and do not have the same stopping power as motor vehicles do, so when they hit a patch of ice, they tend to slide, hitting whatever is in their way. Read more: Commercial Truck Accident Cases: […] Read More

4 Scary Statistics About Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night

Today is Halloween and while we hope you and your family have a great day filled with sweets, scary movies and memories that’ll last a lifetime, we also want you and your loved ones to stay safe. Halloween night, while incredibly fun, can also be incredibly dangerous. Here are five frightful facts about pedestrian accidents […] Read More

How to Avoid a Car Accident This Fall Season

The autumn season is great, isn’t it? The weather is crisp and cool. The leaves are changing colors. Even things like Daylight Savings Time kick in to spoil us with an extra hour of sleep! While there are so many wonderful things about the autumn season, it’s important to remember that it does come with […] Read More

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