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Police issue warning after bricks, rocks thrown from overpass onto Erie interstates

Imagine driving on the highway, going about 65 miles per hour, and out of nowhere a rock or brick comes crashing down on your car. It’s scary. It can be deadly. And state police say it’s happening here in Erie. Now, investigators are trying to track down the suspect or suspects. [...] Read More

How DNA analysis helped solve the 1988 murder of Helen Vogt

Following the July 25, 2022 arrest of a suspect in the 1988 murder of Helen Vogt, we took a look at how DNA analysis helped investigators potentially solve this cold case. We spoke with experts about how forensic evidence could lead to a conviction. One local expert said that advances in technology are helping investigators solve cold cases such as the murder of Helen Vogt. [...] Read More

Experts, Erie leaders discuss Marijuana Pardon Project

Experts and community leaders are discussing efforts being made to remove convictions of minor marijuana use from records, designed to give people a second chance. Briaunna Malone joins was live with more on the project and how it will make an impact in the community. The Marijuana Pardon Project will act as a form of forgiveness in expunging minor marijuana convictions, but is only going on for a limited time. [...] Read More

Man acquitted in a Harborcreek strip club homicide trial suing the state trooper who charged him

A man acquitted in a Harborcreek strip club homicide trial is suing the state trooper who charged him. Corey Kendig was accused of using unjustifiable force after he shot and killed 33-year-old Jeremy Jones. This fatal shooting took place after a fight in the parking lot of Partners Tavern, a strip club in Harborcreek Township. [...] Read More

Big Crowd for Gun Talk: Tim George Talks Handguns

More than 100 gun owners attended the public forum in Waterford to learn about the rights and responsibilities that accompany a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Pennsylvania. Representative Curt Sonney (R-Erie) hosted the educational forum. [...] Read More

Court Says Local Traffic Check Point Unconstitutional: Erie DUI Evidence Tossed

On March 24, 2010, an Erie judge ruled that a “traffic safety checkpoint” set up on State Route 20 in Millcreek Township, PA was unconstitutional because the time of day when the roadblock occurred was selected improperly. As a result, none of the evidence from a DUI arrest (including BAC results) can be used against an allegedly intoxicated motorist who was stopped at the roadblock. [...] Read More

Court: DA Can’t Make Defendants Pay Salaries of Prosecutors

When someone is convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania, a court imposes a sentence. The sentence can includes prison time, which is often followed by some form of supervision, like parole or probation. Also, the court can require that restitution be paid to any victims of the crime. [...] Read More

Erie Court DUI Ruling Highlights Problem Enforcing Pennsylvania’s “No Texting” Law

On January 13, 2013, shortly after midnight, a motorist drove past a stationary police vehicle. As the motorist passed, police saw an illuminated cell phone screen for two or three seconds being held up in front of the driver with his right hand toward the middle of his SUV’s windshield. [...] Read More

Erie Criminal Defense Lawyer – What Happens at a “Suppression” Hearing?

In Pennsylvania, if you face criminal allegations, and you or your lawyer believes that evidence has been obtained by police in violation of your rights, you may seek to have the evidence “suppressed” or excluded from your case. [...] Read More

Erie Criminal Lawyer Addresses Gun Owners

Erie criminal defense attorney Tim George recently addressed gun owners about the rights and responsibilities of those who carry concealed firearms in Pennsylvania. [...] Read More

Erie DUI – Scoring Points with PennDOT: Avoid Surprises

While the criminal and other penalties for a DUI can be far-reaching, careful attention also should be paid to the summary offenses that often accompany DUI charges. These traffic offenses (for things like moving violations) can have additional and unwelcome consequences. [...] Read More

Erie DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer – Real Communication: The Key to a Winning Relationship

When many of us think of lawyers and communication, we envision a courtroom, a jury, and a passionate closing argument intended to persuade. The lawyer talks (and talks) and everyone else just listens. However, the kind of communication that makes for a winning relationship with your lawyer is quite different. [...] Read More

Erie DUI Attorney – Ignorance Is No Defense for Anyone Arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania

We all are familiar with the saying, “Ignorance is no defense.” It means that just because we don’t know the law doesn’t excuse our behavior or insulate us from the punishment that follows. A basic understanding of the law and the penalties arising from a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania is essential. The more you know, the better. Such knowledge may help you avoid a DUI. Or, if you face a DUI, you can be prepared for what may follow. [...] Read More

Erie DUI Defense – Judge Says Girard DUI Stop Illegal: All Charges Dropped

An Erie County Judge recently granted an Erie DUI defense lawyer’s request to suppress all evidence obtained after a motorist was stopped by police and arrested on DUI charges and drug charges. [...] Read More

Erie DUI Defense Lawyer – See for Yourself What DUI Looks Like (According to Police)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it come to defending allegations of DUI in Erie and throughout northwest Pennsylvania, video might be worth a million words. [...] Read More

Erie DUI Lawyer – Do Police Still Need a Reason to Stop a PA Motorist After Chase?

After the Pennsylvania legislature passed the new DUI statute in 2004, the question about whether the law requires police to have “probable cause” to stop a motorist persisted – until November 26, 2008. On that date, our Supreme Court held in Commonwealth v. Chase that probable cause is no longer required for police to stop motorists in Pennsylvania. [...] Read More

Erie PA Criminal and DUI Lawyer Receives Highest Rating

The Pennsylvania injury law firm of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. is pleased to announce that Erie injury attorney Eric Purchase has received a rating of AV – Preeminent by the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating service. [...] Read More

Erie PA Lawyer Defends College Students Arrested for First Time

For a young person facing criminal allegations, the thought of a prison sentence (or even just a permanent criminal record) can be frightening. The uncertainty about the impact on your job (or your future employment) and your family makes things even worse. [...] Read More

Judge and Juror for a Day

On January 27, 2015 and February 4, 2015, Tim George, a partner in the Erie, PA firm of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., served as judge for a day (or at least for an afternoon). [...] Read More

Life Without Possibility of Parole for Juveniles Held Cruel and Unusual

Life may no longer mean life for juveniles in Erie and throughout Pennsylvania who were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, the U.S. Supreme Court recently held in a case stemming from a criminal appeal filed on behalf of a juvenile in Alabama. This ruling affects 12 state prisoners serving life sentences from Erie County and Crawford County, PA. [...] Read More

The “Terry” Search: Can Police “Pat You Down” During a Vehicle Stop?

Lately, it seems that when police stop an Erie motorist on suspicion of DUI, they do something that creates a question for the courts to answer. Here’s what it is: When police tell a driver to exit the car, they “pat down” or perform a “Terry” frisk on the driver as a matter of routine. [...] Read More

The Secret to Meaningful Communication with Your Erie DUI Lawyer

When many of us think of lawyers and communication, we think of speeches before juries when the lawyer talks (and talks) and everyone else just listens. In this kind of communication, the speaker does all of the speaking, and the listener does all of the listening. The roles never change. However, the kind of communication that makes for a winning relationship with your lawyer is entirely different. [...] Read More

The Three Dozen (or so) Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Erie DUI Lawyer

The information you need to choose the right DUI lawyer for you and your case cannot be found inside (or on) the telephone book. Here are three dozen or so questions that will help you get the information you need: [...] Read More

When Can a Conviction for a Summary Offense Be Expunged?

Although misdemeanor and felony convictions may not be expunged (erased from public record) until the person who was convicted “reaches 70 years of age and has been free from arrest for 10 years” or “has been dead for 3 years,” it is much easier to expunge a summary conviction. [...] Read More

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