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Erie DUI – Scoring Points with PennDOT: Avoid Surprises

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Erie DUI – Scoring Points with PennDOT: Avoid Surprises

August 08, 2010 | Posted in DUI

By Tim George

Erie DUI Lawyer

While the criminal and other penalties for a DUI can be far-reaching, careful attention also should be paid to the summary offenses that often accompany DUI charges. These traffic offenses (for things like moving violations) can have additional and unwelcome consequences — and they often come as a surprise to motorists who think that their only problem is a DUI charge.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) maintains a driving record for every licensed driver in Pennsylvania. When motorists are convicted of certain moving violations, points are added their driving records. A conviction for certain moving violations will not only add points to a driving record, but it also can trigger a driver’s license suspension, fines, and court costs. When drivers accumulate 11 points or more, their driver’s licenses will automatically be suspended. The length of suspension depends upon how many times the license was suspended in the past.

Here, you will find a summary of the moving violations which, upon conviction, result in points, as well as the number of points given for committing each violation (plus a few common moving violations that trigger driver’s license suspensions).

Vehicle Code Description Points

1512 Violation of restriction on driver’s license-wearing glasses, etc 2

1571 Violation concerning license 3

3102 Failure to obey authorized persons directing traffic 2

3112 (a)(3)(i) or (ii) Failure to stop for a red light 3

3114 (a)(1) Failure to stop for a flashing red light 3

3302 Failure to yield half of roadway to oncoming vehicle 3

3303 Improper passing, overtaken driver to maintain speed 3

3304 Improper passing on the right 3

3305 Improper passing on the left, clear distance ahead 3

3306 (a)(1) Improper passing on a hill 4

3306 (a)(2) Improper passing at a railroad crossing or intersection 3

3306 (a) (3) Improper passing at a bridge or tunnel 3

3307 Improper passing in a no-passing zone 3

3310 Following too closely 3

3321 Failure to yield to driver on the right at intersection 3

3322 Failure to yield to oncoming driver when making left turn 3

3323 (b) Failure to stop for stop sign 3

3323 © Failure to yield at yield sign 3

3324 Failure to yield when entering or crossing roadway between intersections 3

3332 Improper turning around-illegal U-turns 3

3341 (a) Failure to obey signal indicating approach of train 2

3341 (b) Failure to comply with crossing gate or barrier 30-day suspension and 4

3342 (b) or (e) Failure to stop at railroad crossings 4

3344 Failure to stop when entering from alley, driveway or building 3

3345(a) Failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights 60-day suspension and 5

3361 Driving too fast for conditions

(If violation occurs in an active work zone and in conjunction with an accident) 15-day suspension) and 2

3362 Exceeding maximum speed (Miles over Speed Limit):

6 to 10 2

11 to 15 (if violation occurs in an active work zone) 15-day suspension and 3

16 to 25 (if violation occurs in an active work zone) 15-day suspension and 4

26 to 30 (If violation occurs in an active work zone) 15-day suspension and 5

31 and over…Departmental Hearing and Sanctions provided under Section 1538(d) and 5

3365(b) Exceeding special speed limit in school zone 3

3365© Exceeding special speed limit for trucks on downgrades 3

3542(a) Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk 2

3547(a) Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk when entering from a driveway or alley 3

3549(a) Failure to yield to blind pedestrians 3

3702 Improper backing 3

3714(a) Careless driving 3

3714(b) Careless driving (6 month suspension)

3736 Reckless driving (6 month suspension)

3643 Accidents involving damage to attended vehicle or property (6 month suspension)

3745 Leaving scene of accident involving property damage only 4

Erie, PA DUI Defense Lawyer Helps You Keep Your Driver’s License

I don’t like surprises, and it is likely that you don’t like them, either. If any of these moving violations accompany an allegation for DUI, you and your lawyer should address them in an effort to avoid unnecessary fines, costs, points, and license suspension. The failure to address any so called “minor traffic offenses,” and other offenses which trigger points or suspensions, could result in unnecessary expense and the unexpected loss of your driving privileges.

If you or someone close to you was recently arrested for DUI in Erie or elsewhere in northwest Pennsylvania, call (814) 835-0400 to discuss your case today. You can also fill out the online consult form.