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10 of the Most Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries

May 22, 2021

There are thousands of workplace accidents across Pennsylvania, and tens of thousands more accidents across the county. Even employers and workers who take every precaution can still fall victim to a workplace accident. Common Worksite Accidents     Some of the most common accidents at worksites across Pennsylvania include: Slip/trip and fall accidents – No matter where you work, it…

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

May 13, 2021

Although we trust nursing homes to take care of our loved ones when their medical and personal needs become too serious for non-professionals to handle, the sad reality is that some nursing home patients are subjected to abuse and neglect by the people entrusted to care for them. What’s more scary is that abuse and neglect are not always obvious…

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What to Do after a Motorcycle Accident

May 5, 2021

Although riding a motorcycle is a fun and enjoyable experience, it also carries the risk of serious injuries or even death in the event of an accident. Unlike passengers of vehicles, motorcycle riders have nothing to protect their bodies in the event of a collision. After you’ve been involved in an accident, it can be difficult to think clearly about…

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How Cerebral Palsy Develops

April 30, 2021

Was your child diagnosed with cerebral palsy? The Erie Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Purchase, George, and Murphey can help you file a claim. Cerebral palsy refers to a medical condition that involves abnormal development of a child’s brain or damage to a child’s developing brain, which impacts a child’s motor skills and may also be accompanied by speech and cognitive…

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Factors That Can Influence Your Breathalyzer Test Result

April 24, 2021

When police arrest someone on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, they will transport the person to the police station to perform a breathalyzer test. Under most circumstances, persons who have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher are considered to be unlawfully driving under the influence of alcohol. Although breathalyzer machines are scientifically tested to ensure…

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Determining Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident

April 11, 2021

A truck accident can have a devastating impact on the occupants of other vehicles involved in the crash, who may be left with significant injuries and resulting financial burdens from medical bills and lost income. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you may wonder whether you can hold the truck driver responsible for the damages and losses that…

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Main Causes of Pennsylvania Construction Accidents and Injuries

April 4, 2021

Construction sites represent some of the most dangerous places to be. Construction sites are filled with lots of heavy equipment and machinery, vehicles, and dangerous or hazardous materials being moved around and stored. Although construction companies are expected to implement policies and procedures to reduce the risk of a site accident, accidents and injuries remain an all-too-common occurrence on construction…

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