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purchase, george & murphey.

Real Life Question-and-Answer Series: I Caused an Accident

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I Caused an Accident While Driving My Grandmother’s Car and I Think I Am Being Sued: What Can I Do?

I was driving my grandmother’s car and caused an accident. The medical bills for a person in one of the other vehicles supposedly are more than the insurance policy covers. Can I get sued? I am 18 and I have a $500-a-month job. I own nothing and do not live at home.

– Sierra Vista, AZ

ANSWER from Purchase, George & Murphey:

You should call the insurance company that insured your grandmother’s car and any insurance company that issued a policy of insurance on which you might be an insured. For example, if you own a vehicle and insure it yourself, or if you live with a relative who owns and insures a vehicle, you might be an insured on those policies. In any event, contact them and submit your claim. They should investigate and, if necessary, assign an attorney to defend you.

If the value of the claim against you exceeds the coverage available to you, then you should probably consult with a local attorney. This attorney can help you to position yourself in the best possible way, which may include advocating for you with your own insurance company, advocating for you personally with the lawyer suing you, and advising you about other options such as bankruptcy, if necessary.

Good luck, Sierra Vista.