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Erie’s 13 Most Dangerous Winter Roads

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Erie’s 13 Most Dangerous Winter Roads

Erie car accident lawyers know that winter results in more Pennsylvania auto injuries than any other time of year. The mix of ice, low visibility, and distracted drivers is dangerous. Sometimes, though, it seems like certain areas and roads produce more Pennsylvania car accidents than others. We see these types of accidents time and time again, causing us to wonder, “Are there certain roads in Erie that are more dangerous than others in winter?” Well, recent information from the Pennsylvania State Police, PennDOT, Millcreek Township Police, Erie Bureau of Police, Corry Township, and a towing service seems to confirm our suspicions. There are definitely roads in Erie, PA that have more than their fair share of Pennsylvania winter auto accidents.

Here are the 13 most dangerous winter roads in Erie County, Pennsylvania:

1.  Greengarden Boulevard

2.  West 26th Street between Peach and State Streets

3.  The intersection of Ash and 33rd Streets

4.  The intersection of Pine Avenue and Ash Street

5.  West Gore Road between Routes 97 and 505

6.  Interstate 90 west of the Route 832 exit

7.  Interstate 79 between McKean and Edinboro

8.  800 block of Oliver Road

9.  Elk Creek Road west of Waterford Township

10. Interstate 90 east of Harborcreek Township to the New York State line

11. Sulfur Springs Road in North East Township

12. Interstate 86 from German Road Overpass to the New York State line

13. Route 8 from County Line to its intersection with Route 6

As Erie personal injury lawyers dedicated to bringing you an informative and educational site, we try to publish helpful information about Pennsylvania car accidents and injury law. Perhaps this information will help drivers remember that there really are particularly dangerous areas in our community and that it always pays to be cautious when driving in the winter in Pennsylvania!

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