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Whiplash Injury Syndrome

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Whiplash Injury Syndrome

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The term “whiplash” is used generically to refer to neck injuries that follow rear-end car accidents. These injuries are classically “soft tissue” injuries associated with hyperextension or hyperflexion of the neck. The range of injuries often grouped within the generic term “whiplash” includes: rupture of the anterior longitudinal ligament, muscle hemorrhage and tear, bony facet bruise or inflammation, disc rupture, and disc bulge.

Whiplash injuries can persist for years; though for approximately 75% of patients, the acute phase of the injury is resolved within one year. Long-term studies have shown that persistent aches and pains are reported by 20-45% of patients and that degenerative problems develop after whiplash injury in about 40% of patients.

Care can range from conservative physical therapy and chiropractic treatment to long-term medical management and surgical intervention.

Proof of whiplash injuries is complicated. Juries are often biased against such claims by years of misinformation from insurance-funded media efforts and other popular misconceptions. The defense of such claims often includes well-qualified (and well-paid) neurosurgeons, orthopaedists, and other spine specialists who make effective, persuasive use of minor and usually unrelated historical records, as well as nearly omnipresent degenerative conditions found in spines in the general population. Finally, treating physicians are often reluctant to be involved in the litigation process and are usually unfamiliar with providing expert testimony and can thus be unenthusiastic, unprepared, and ineffective.

As a result, effective presentation of the “whiplash” injury requires a thorough knowledge of the condition, a familiarity with the physicians who are routinely paid by the insurance industry to testify that injured people are not injured, and an ability to present expert testimony in a clear, coherent, and persuasive manner.

The Erie whiplash injury lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. have experience with cases involving whiplash injuries or neck flexion/extension injuries. Our primary goal and objective is to make sure that our clients and their families receive the compensation and resources they need to treat and manage their neck injury and to compensate them for their losses.

As skilled Erie injury lawyers who have helped injured clients and their families with neck or whiplash injuries, we understand how to evaluate these cases and can help you secure the funds necessary to pay for medical care and surgery, if needed.

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