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Epileptic Vertigo Brain Injury

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Epileptic Vertigo Brain Injury

Some brain injuries can lead to vertigo, or a sense of spinning or dizziness. People who’ve suffered these injuries can benefit from representation by personal injury lawyers who understand the complexities of proving causation and damages associated with such injuries.

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Epileptic vertigo is vertigo (dizziness, spinning) due to a brain injury. Typically, the area of the brain injured is the temporal lobe (the portion of the brain nearest the ears). Symptoms include loss of consciousness at the time of injury, generally accompanied by altered consciousness and followed by “quick spins.”

Treatment is generally addressed with anticonvulsant medications. Impact on activities of daily living is often dramatic in the short term. While long-term consequences are usually well-managed with medication, there are exceptions in which surgery may be warranted.

The Erie Epileptic Vertigo lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. have experience with cases involving brain injuries. Often these injuries result from car accidents, truck accidents, and slip and falls. Our primary goal and objective is to make sure that our clients and their families receive the compensation and resources they need to treat and manage their Epileptic Vertigo and to compensate them for their losses.

As skilled Erie injury lawyers who have helped injured clients and their families with brain injuries, we understand how to evaluate these cases and know how to help you obtain the funds necessary to pay for medical care and surgery, if needed.

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