A: In addition to learning how and why a commercial truck accident happened and the background, experience and qualifications of the truck driver, particular emphasis also should be placed on the tractor-trailer itself. You will need to learn whether the truck was consistently inspected and maintained properly.  It will be essential to preserve and obtain this and other evidence, such as engine control module technology, truck company policies and procedures, and any previous violations involving the truck.  The Federal Highway Administration's Safety and Fitness Electronics Records System (SAFER) enables you to obtain a free profile of any federally licensed motor carrier.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a Pennsylvania tractor trailer accident or some other large truck accident, you may want to get an estimate of the value of your case to ensure you're being treated fairly by the insurance company or you may want help investigating your semi-trailer accident case to ensure that responsibility for the accident is appropriately placed.  You may want to speak with an experienced northwest Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer.  Most Erie injury lawyers offer free consults so it shouldn't cost you anything just to speak with someone.