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How Do Truck Drivers Keep Loads From Falling

August 21, 2015

The roadways of Pennsylvania certainly see their share of truck traffic. Most motorists are aware that it is a good idea to give these big rigs a wide birth when in their vicinity. Since trucks have blind spots to the sides and the rear, it can sometimes be difficult for truck drivers to see all of the traffic around them.

Therefore, it can be a good idea for motorists in smaller vehicles to keep on their guard for trucks that are changing lanes or slowing down. However, there are some things that only the truck drivers can do when it comes to accident prevention. For example, the onus is on the truck drivers to make sure whatever cargo they are hauling is properly secured.

To ensure that a load does not fall off a trailer, a driver must properly employ securement devices. These devices include such things as steel strapping, synthetic webbing and chains, all of which should be regularly inspected. Securement devices should not be used if worn-out.

Cargo should be secured in a manner that prevents slipping, falling, leaking or any other form of dislodgement. In addition, other items such as spare tires, ratchets, winches, tarps and pallet jacks also need proper securing.

The fact is, no matter how cautious you are when driving near trucks, you can still be very vulnerable if you have to suddenly maneuver around fallen cargo. A small piece of debris, like a strap, could cause damage to your vehicle. But if a large load should tumble into your path, the results could be tragic.

If you or someone you love is in an accident caused by a truck spilling an unsecured load, a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident attorney may be able to act as your legal representative. The attorney could help you build a case demonstrating negligence on behalf of the driver and perhaps the trucking company for which he or she was working as well.