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Truck Accidents Often Require Thorough Investigations

March 17, 2016

A truck accident can occur so fast and can cause serious damage. And afterward, it is extremely important to determine exactly what happened. Because victims may suffer severe or even fatal injuries, the issue of compensation becomes critical. The amount a victim or his or her family may be eligible to receive in a settlement can be greatly affected by who holds liability for the accident.

But determining liability is often a complicated matter. For one thing, it is possible that there may be conflicting accounts of what caused the accident and who is at fault. Moreover, trucking companies often have their own stable of lawyers who work very hard at protecting their interests.

To counter the efforts made by trucking companies to deny their culpability in accidents, attorneys may utilize the skills of crash reconstruction experts. Accident reconstruction engineers are trained to examine key evidence at crash sites, such as the condition of the tires on the vehicles involved, skid marks found on the road and vehicular damage. Road conditions and weather are also important elements factored into the reconstruction analysis.

The accident reconstruction engineer can then apply the laws of physics to these clues to determine the angle at which a collision occurred and the rate at which the vehicles were traveling. All of the relevant pieces of evidence are put together and analyzed, producing a much clearer picture of the accident’s cause.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, you may wish to contact an attorney who works with qualified accident investigators. He or she can help prove not only liability, but the severity of the accident. With this information, the attorney can work toward getting you appropriate compensation.