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Simple Steps Can Help You Stay Safe Around Trucks

February 25, 2015

Pennsylvania drivers are likely familiar with the potential hazards they face when sharing the road with tractor-trailers. Recently on this blog, we covered some of the more common causes of truck accidents. In this post, we will discuss some of the things you can do to stay safe when driving in the proximity of big rigs.

Even if the driver behind the wheel is properly trained and capable of operating his or her truck, the physical size of vehicles can present safety challenges. As such, there are some steps that drivers of passenger cars can take to help remain clear of danger:

  • Give a truck plenty of space when it is attempting to pass you or is signaling a lane change.
  • When driving near a truck, position your car where you can see its mirrors. If you have a view of the mirrors, the driver should have a view of you.
  • If you have to stop behind a truck on a hill, don?t pull up too close. When a driver removes his or her foot from the brake pedal, the truck may drift backward.
  • Trucks generate gusts of wind. As you pass a truck or as a truck passes you, make sure to have both of your hands on the steering wheel.

By driving defensively and doing the kinds of things recommended above, you will be doing your part to stay safe. But truck accidents can still occur. When they do, victims may suffer serious injuries that could take a long time to heal and could be very expensive to treat.

If you are ever in a collision involving a tractor-trailer, you may need to seek compensation for your injuries. A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney could possibly help you get a fair settlement from an insurance company. Also, if the situation calls for it, the attorney could help you file a civil suit against a negligent truck driver or trucking company.