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Avoiding an Accident In Case Your Brakes Go Out

June 15, 2018

Erie PA Car Accidents Brakes LawyerThe crazy thing about car accidents is that they never even have to happen in the first place. It usually comes down to the negligence of a driver, which is always preventable. But sometimes, there are motor vehicle accidents that happen beyond the control of the driver behind the wheel.

A prime example of this is when an incident stems from something like faulty brakes. That’s right, sometimes brakes blow out on vehicles at no fault of the driver. This makes for a scary situation that can potentially lead to an even worse accident or collision. So if you are driving and you feel your brakes go out, what should you do?

Move Away from Traffic, Stay Calm

If you feel your brakes go out you should start making your way off the road. Check your mirrors, turn your hazard lights on and move toward the shoulder. In order to slow down, you should slowly ease off the gas pedal. While doing this, you should test your brakes again. Since most vehicles have separate brake systems for the front and rear tires, you should still have some level of braking power. Step on the brake pedal with strong, consistent pressure to see if you can slow your car down.

Using Your Emergency Brake

If you are in the unfortunate situation where all of your brakes are completely out, your next step should be to carefully engage the emergency brake. It also works separately from the rest of your car’s brakes and may help you come to a stop. You could also just continue to ease off the accelerator and let your vehicle naturally come to a stop. It may take awhile, but as long as you are away from traffic and have your hazard lights on, you can take all the time you need. Do not turn your car off until you have come to a complete stop. Turning it off will not make your vehicle stop. It will only cause you to lose power steering and may cause the steering wheel to lock into place. Once you have come to a stop, catch your breath and calm yourself down. Then take out your cell phone and call for assistance.

Car Accident Attorneys Help Clients in PA

Being able to handle yourself in a high-stress situation like the loss of your brakes is a valuable skill to have. Unfortunately, you do not have the skill to prevent any and all accidents that might happen while on the road. That is where the attorneys of Purchase, George & Murphy, P.C. come into play. The experienced Pennsylvania car accident and personal injury attorneys have the experience and tools necessary to help you through your car accident claim and personal injury claim. They will do their best to get you the compensation you deserve for any damages you may have suffered. Pick up the phone and dial 814-273-2010 today to speak with an experienced attorney.

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