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Seat Belt Injuries Can Range From Minor To Very Serious

July 14, 2017

When you get into a car, you know that you are supposed to wear your seat belt. This is something that is drilled into your head constantly, especially when you were younger. Being restrained is also the law in most cases.

Did you know that this simple safety step can actually also lead to you being injured? While the injuries don’t occur frequently, they are possible. They can range from minor discomfort up to more serious injuries.

In reality, the seat belt is likely going to still be a good thing, even when you are injured because you wore it. Wearing your seat belt can lead to whiplash, bruising and abdominal injuries. All of these are a far cry better than being thrown out of the vehicle and dying due to a head injury when you slam to the pavement.

There are some instances in which the injuries are bit more serious. Chest injuries and internal bleeding can also occur. In these cases, you might need to seek out medical care.

Some cases of seat belt injuries are due to problems with the restraint system. In these cases, you might be able to launch a product liability lawsuit that can help you recover some of the damages that you suffered because of the injuries.

When the restraint system is working properly, you might need to consider seeking compensation from the driver who slammed into you. In either case, you might be able to recover the money you spent on medical care and other expenses that were related to the accident.