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What Can You Do If You See A Drunk Driver On The Road

Typically, Pennsylvania motorists have few problems getting from here to there on the state’s roadways. Nonetheless, there are hazards to stay on the lookout for. Some hazards involve road conditions, such as potholes or areas under construction. However, often the greatest dangers are posed by other drivers. Every year, drunk drivers are responsible for causing […] Read More

Motorcyclists May Face Driver Ill Will On Road And In Court

At times, it seems that some car users are less than enthusiastic about sharing the road with motorcyclists. This apparent distaste for motorcycles can manifest itself in many dangerous ways. For instance, a motorist may choose not to yield to a motorcyclist who is attempting to merge onto a highway. The motorist’s failure to yield could force the […] Read More

Can A Negligent Gun Owner Be Held Liable For A Wrongful Death

Many Pennsylvania residents own guns. These guns may be used for protection or sport. Most gun owners understand the importance of gun safety and take the steps necessary to minimize the possibility of accidents. The very attributes that make guns useful and important can also make them potentially dangerous if in the wrong hands. A […] Read More

Doctors Disruptive Behavior Placing Patients In Danger

Medical professionals should always give their patients and coworkers the respect they deserve. This is especially true when they are performing their duties in the surgical arena. After all, it is very difficult for anyone to do their best if they feel they are in some way being compromised by a co-worker. Unfortunately, it may […] Read More

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