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Motorcyclists May Face Driver Ill Will On Road And In Court

October 15, 2015

At times, it seems that some car users are less than enthusiastic about sharing the road with motorcyclists. This apparent distaste for motorcycles can manifest itself in many dangerous ways. For instance, a motorist may choose not to yield to a motorcyclist who is attempting to merge onto a highway. The motorist’s failure to yield could force the motorcyclist onto the shoulder of the road, or off the road altogether.

At other times, drivers may tailgate motorcyclists. Tailgating is bad enough when done to a car, which at least provides some protection for its occupants, but if a motorcyclist is being tailgated and has to stop quickly, he or she has nothing to absorb the impact of a collision.

But motorcyclists may also have to worry about drivers’ attitudes when off the road as well. If a motorcyclist is in an accident and has to go to court, he or she could be in front of a jury that has members who have negative views of those who ride motorcycles. Jurors who harbor ill-will toward motorcyclists could make it more difficult for a rider to receive a fair settlement.

This is why if you are a motorcyclist who is interested in filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver, it is vital that you have experienced legal representation in your corner. At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C, we may be able to help you construct a civil suit to file against those responsible for your misfortune. We can employ forensic crash investigators in an effort to gather compelling evidence that strengthens your case. And the stronger and more convincing your case, the greater the likelihood that you will receive the settlement you deserve.