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What Can You Do If You See A Drunk Driver On The Road

October 24, 2015

Typically, Pennsylvania motorists have few problems getting from here to there on the state’s roadways. Nonetheless, there are hazards to stay on the lookout for. Some hazards involve road conditions, such as potholes or areas under construction. However, often the greatest dangers are posed by other drivers.

Every year, drunk drivers are responsible for causing countless numbers of serious and fatal accidents. Given that no one should ever drive while under the influence, such accidents are totally avoidable. Unfortunately, there will likely always be those who will endanger others and themselves by getting behind the wheel while impaired.

Let’s say you are on the road, and you see someone driving erratically who you suspect may be intoxicated, what can you do? Well, in such cases, there are several actions you can take.

First, you should make your own safety a priority, so you want to keep your distance from the vehicle in question. You should not try to get the driver to pull off the road, nor should you attempt to pass the vehicle. Also, if it is possible, try to get information about the vehicle such as the make, model and license plate number.

Finally, once you can get off the road, call 911. Provide as much information as you can regarding the vehicle’s location, the direction it is traveling and the aforementioned descriptive items.

Hopefully, your call to the authorities will result in the drunk driver being pulled over before he or she can cause any harm. Sadly, sometimes drunk drivers are not stopped in time, which leads to tragic results.

If you or someone you love is ever involved in a collision caused by a drunk driver, a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident attorney may be able to help you get appropriate compensation.