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How to Avoid the Most Common Car Accident Injuries

February 10, 2020

CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER ERIE PAIf you’re anything like the average American, then you get behind the wheel on a daily basis. Since you drive so often, it’s important to know how to avoid car accidents. It’s also crucial for you to know what to do if you are involved in a collision.

The Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents happen when a traveling vehicle collides with something else. Whether the other object is stationary or another vehicle, the outcome may be similar. Your body, which was traveling at the same speed as the car, is jolted to a stop. Your body is likely to slam against the seat belt, airbag, steering wheel or window. As you can imagine, these sudden accidents can cause serious trauma to the body. Here’s an overview of some of the most common types of car accident injuries:

If you were involved in a crash, then it’s crucial to visit your doctor. Discuss what happened, and let your doctor do a complete physical to rule out any underlying injuries.

How to Avoid a Car Accident

The best way to avoid a car accident is to remain aware while you’re behind the wheel. Always follow traffic laws and obey traffic signals. Keep your eyes open for drivers who are acting recklessly and do your best to avoid them.

If weather conditions are poor, then consider staying off the roads when you can. Bad weather means reduced visibility for all drivers.

Steps to Take if You Get in a Car Crash

Remaining vigilant behind the wheel will help keep you safe, but you could still get into an accident that’s caused by someone else. If you’re in a car collision, then you need to stop and pull over to the side of the road regardless of how minor you think it may have been. Check yourself and any passengers for injuries.

Then, reach out to the authorities. Speak with the other driver and get their contact information. Let the police file an accident report while you get medical treatment for any injuries. After, it’s crucial that you reach out to a car accident attorney to help you get started on a claim.

Contact an Erie Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Car Accident Case in Pennsylvania

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