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Don’t Let Halloween Turn Into a Criminal Charge

October 27, 2022

Don't Let Halloween Turn Into a Criminal Charge

Your Halloween plans likely include costumes and fun. It’s unlikely that time spent in jail or a criminal record is on your Halloween to-do plans. Reviewing a few common crimes and how to handle them can help you prevent a criminal record this Halloween.

Common Crimes on Halloween

These are some of the most common crimes that occur on Halloween:

  • Drunk driving: Many Halloween parties include alcohol. If you plan on drinking this year, make sure you have alternative transportation before you even head out.
  • Vandalism: Toilet papering and egging a house are synonymous with Halloween night antics. But, property damage that exceeds a certain amount could lead to charges.
  • Theft: Stealing, even small items, could lead to theft charges. These charges often vary, depending on the value of goods stolen.
  • Possession of a weapon: While Pennsylvania is an open carry state, you could be charged if you possess a weapon and are prohibited from doing so.
  • Possession of drugs: Some Halloween parties may also have drugs. Depending on the type of drug and quantity in possession, this could lead to felony charges.
  • Criminal assault: Some Halloween celebrations may lead to disagreements among friends or party-goers, which could end up with criminal assault charges.

These are just a few of people’s most common charges on Halloween. Don’t let the fun and excitement of the spooky season leave you with criminal charges.

Potential Consequences of Halloween Crimes

While the fun of Halloween night will soon turn into memories, the legal consequences can follow you for life. Some crimes can lead to felony charges and even jail time. Even if you spend a night or two in jail, it’s possible that you could lose your job. Some careers may fire employees after receiving criminal charges. If you’re caught drinking and driving, you could even lose your commercial driver’s license.

The specific legal consequences depend on the crime, the details of the crime, and whether or not you have a prior record. Some crimes also lead to worse consequences. For example, Pennsylvania tends to be more strict when it comes to possession of drug charges. Other crimes, like theft and vandalism charges, may depend on the value of the damages. In most cases, you’ll be ordered to pay restitution. You may also have to spend time in jail and complete community service.

The potential consequences of Halloween crimes may include jail time, expensive fines, restitution, community service, a suspended driver’s license, and probation. These are just the immediate consequences. If you’re left with a criminal record, you may experience loss of employment, too.

Your Options Following Halloween Charges

If you get into trouble on Halloween, it’s best to avoid admitting guilt. You may have to spend the night in jail, but you should have a chance to contact your lawyer. It’s usually a good idea to work with a criminal defense lawyer. They may be able to negotiate a lower sentence, which could result in fewer fines or no jail time. Your criminal defense lawyer may also be able to get you out of jail faster. Some criminal charges also have first-time offender programs that may allow you to complete community service or probation in return for having the charges dropped.

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Disorderly conduct consists of any improper behavior such as fighting, threats of violence, or creating a dangerous atmosphere.