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Aggravated Assault Charge Dropped During Trial

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Aggravated Assault Charge Against Erie Man Dropped During Trial

An Erie man was charged with a crime and faced a maximum sentence of 27 years in prison after he allegedly stabbed another man with a butcher knife in an altercation on his front porch. The wounds required the victim to be admitted to a local hospital. The charges included aggravated assault (F1), possessing instruments of crime (M1), and recklessly endangering a person (M2), which exposed the accused to a maximum aggregate sentence of 27 years in prison, if convicted.

At trial, Erie criminal defense lawyer Tim George argued that the injured man was, in fact, the aggressor in a home invasion. After opening statements and cross-examination of several witnesses, including the alleged victim, the Commonwealth withdrew all charges in return for a plea to a misdemeanor of the third degree, punishable by a maximum of one year in prison. The accused accepted the offer. Later, he received a mitigated range sentence and was paroled on the same day he was sentenced.

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