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Pool Safety Tips

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Pool Safety Tips

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Pool Safety Reminders from Your Erie Accident Lawyers

The Erie summer is upon us and with it comes pool season. While pools are fun and a great way to cool off from the Northwestern, PA heat wave, it is important to remember basic pool safety when you are around the pool, especially with little children. Here are some basic things to remember if you own or are near a pool:

1. Always supervise children when they are at the pool. There are too many risks, even if your child knows how to swim. Some examples of these risks are:

  • Hitting their head as they jump into the pool.
  • Getting a cramp while in the pool.
  • Getting tangled in pool vacuums or pool toys.
  • Getting caught underneath a pool cover.

All of these things can happen even if your child knows how to swim.

2. Have a tall fence around your pool. Pools that are exposed are far more prone to access by unsupervised children, whether they are yours or not. This is especially dangerous because pool covers can easily trap a child.

3. Make sure pool toys are age appropriate. Hard plastic pool toys can be dangerous if they are thrown around and have the potential to knock a small child unconscious. Also, snorkels must be used with care. Holding someone’s snorkel underwater as a prank can be very dangerous.

4. Do not leave young children unattended, even near small containers of water such as five-gallon buckets. The warning that you see on the side of many of these containers is no joke. Children are susceptible to drowning even in this small amount of water.

5. Never leave pool covers partially open. Swimming on one side of the pool cover can easily become swimming under the pool cover and, as we said above, pool covers can easily trap someone.

6. As soon as children are old enough, sign them up for swimming lessons so that they can feel comfortable around the pool. Some places that offer these swimming lessons in Erie are:

7. Make sure that children do not swim through and under pool ladders. Children can easily get caught in the rungs of the ladder or in between the ladder and the pool.

8. Do not leave pool vacuums in the pool. Children can get tangled in them.

9. Know basic CPR. This is hopefully something that you will never have to use. But if you do, it could buy your child time until Erie EMTs can arrive.

10. Have a phone near the pool in order to call 911 if an accident occurs.

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