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Wrongful Death Suit Filed In Wake Of Pennsylvania Train Accident

August 7, 2015

Perhaps nothing is more shocking than the sudden loss of a loved one. We tend to live our lives with the belief that our close family members will always be around. So when tragedy strikes and someone is taken away from us, we are left saddened and disoriented. And if our loved one’s death is due to the negligence of another, we want answers and accountability.

Recently, the family of a man who died while traveling on a passenger train filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Amtrak, also known as the National Passenger Railroad Corporation. The train’s operator is also named in the suit. The suit was filed in a Pennsylvania U.S. District Court.

According to the suit, the man was on board the train when the car he was riding in derailed in Philadelphia. It is said the derailment was due to the train going through a sharp curve at too high a speed. Eight other passengers also lost their lives in the derailment.

The suit claims that Amtrak failed to take technological measures that may have prevented the accident and that the operator did not slow the train down. The family is seeking over $150,000 in damages, in addition to other related legal expenses.

Such tragedies come right out of the blue, leaving the victim’s family searching for ways to cope with the loss. In addition to the emotional strain, the family must contend with funeral and other expenses. If the victim was a major contributor to the family’s household expenses, the death could create serious financial issues as well.

If you are seeking a wrongful death action against another party, the help and advice from an attorney could be of great benefit. The attorney could investigate your case and help you determine the best way to proceed.