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Without Proper Maintenance Semi Truck Tires Can Become Dangerous

September 25, 2015

Not only are semi trucks far larger than ordinary passenger vehicles, but they also require many more tires to function. This means that there are many more chances for a tire to blow out. The following are ways in which semi truck tires may become dangerous to drive on:

  • Infrequent inspections. Sometimes truck fleets do not check and maintain the tires on their vehicles on a regular enough basis. This can lead to trucks hitting the road with worn down or damaged tires.
  • Not properly inflating tires. Just as with passenger vehicles, if semi truck tires are not kept inflated to the right level, they can easily wear down and blow out.
  • Use of the wrong kind of tire. Different tires work best in their intended environments. For instance, using tires meant for highway driving on off-road conditions can cause the tires to wear out more quickly.
  • Using mismatched tires. If the tires that are installed in a dual assembly are not matched according to their diameter, a smaller tire’s tread will wear down rapidly. Meanwhile, the sidewall of the larger tire will become damaged from having to bear a larger portion of the truck’s load.

If you are ever involved in an accident with a semi truck, which may have been due to some problem with the truck’s tires or other form of negligent truck maintenance, a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney may be able to confirm your suspicions. The attorney could conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and may find evidence that the tires were defective, not properly maintained or had some other issue.

Carrying out an investigation is just one way an attorney could offer you assistance. The attorney could also help you with filing your insurance claims as well as building a civil case against those parties who were responsible for causing the accident.