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What Should I Know Before Seeking Compensation After A Crash

April 14, 2017

A person who is involved in a big rig crash has to think about how laws and regulations impact options for seeking compensation. There are a host of regulations and guidelines that come into the picture when a trucker gets behind the wheel.

Understanding at least some of the basics that apply to these cases can give you a head start on your case. Check out these frequently asked questions to help you get started:

What special considerations are present for truckers’ licenses?

Truckers have to have a special driver’s license. If they are carrying certain loads, such as hazardous materials, they must have special endorsements on their drivers’ license. A trucker carrying passengers should have an endorsement for that. Without these, the trucker can’t legally carry the load.

What other factors matter in a semitruck accident cases?

The amount of time the trucker has been on the road matters. If the trucker has been driving more than the number of hours allowed, this might be included in a claim for compensation. What the trucker was doing at the time of the crash might also be important. For example, truckers aren’t allowed to text or use a cellphone while they drive.

When you are injured in a semitruck crash, you need to ensure that you have the information you need for your claim. This means finding the cause. You should be careful that you don’t take too long to get things together. The statute of limitation matters in these cases so don’t let the time limit pass by because it if does, you will likely be out of luck.