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What Should I Do If I Get A DUI In Pennsylvania?

February 20, 2018

DUI Lawyers In PANo one plans on getting a DUI (driving under the influence). More often than not it is a genuine mistake on the part of the driver and an unfortunate one at that. It can be a hard lesson to learn, especially with how harsh the DUI laws in Pennsylvania are.

If it is your first DUI offense there are a flood of emotions you will be experiencing — from shock to guilt to remorse to fear of what will happen next. There are a million questions you will be asking but there is one question that is paramount when it comes to a DUI charge: What should I do now?

The immediate answer is a simple one and also really the only answer you need. Your first step following a DUI charge is to seek out a lawyer. Of course, do not just seek out any lawyer — make a point to look for a qualified lawyer who has handled and found success in DUI cases or litigation.

DUI cases tend to rely on a lot of science — especially when it comes to a breathalyzer, a blood test or a urine test. When looking for a lawyer who is best equipped to fight for you, it is important to find someone who knows the science behind each of the different DUI tests and the correct procedures when it comes to administering those tests. That way they can argue correctly and effectively on your behalf.

Finding a lawyer is really the most important step when it comes to getting yourself on the right legal path following a DUI. Still, there are other things you can do to help yourself, your case and your lawyer.

If possible, it is important to keep track of anything and everything that happened during your DUI stop. Cases are built and won or lost on details, so anything you can provide your lawyer about the incident can help you in the long run.

Another thing that may help is if you are able to find any witnesses that will help your case. Maybe a friend or family member saw you before your stop and would be able to testify on your behalf. A solid witness can go a long way in court.

At the end of the day, finding the right lawyer and providing him or her with the necessary details can make all the difference when getting you in the right position to handle your DUI charge. Also, remember to not let the stress of the case or charge get to you or keep you from living your life normally.

Hiring the correct DUI lawyer can really help you continue your day-to-day without getting too overwhelmed with the situation. The lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. understand how you feel and understand what it takes to help you with your DUI charge in Pennsylvania. Contact them today to begin discussing your case.

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