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Wet, Slippery, and Icy Road Tips

February 8, 2018

Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorneys


When fall is in full swing and winter on its way, road conditions can change with each rising and setting of the sun. From wet leaves to black ice, and from snow to large puddles on the road, there are plenty of different hazards that motorists need to be wary of when on the road.

Purchase, George & Murphey Represents Those Injured in Pennsylvania Car Accidents Due To Weather Conditions Such As:

  • Rain – rain is one of the more common occurrences throughout the year. It tends to not keep motorists off the road but it can be difficult to navigate all the same. Driving changes a lot when compared to dry conditions, especially during the first couple hours of a rainfall. Fresh rain mixed with oils and fluids that come from vehicles on the road can make road surfaces extra slippery. When traveling in the rain it’s essential to use your windshield wipers to improve visibility. When using your wipers it is also important to turn on your headlights to make yourself visible to other drivers on the road.
  • Snow – snow is like rain in that it makes most road surfaces slippery. But, unlike rain, snow accumulates and creates much more separation between the surface and a vehicle’s tires. When driving in snow, you should turn on your headlights and use your windshield wipers. It is also paramount to go slow at all times and keep in mind it takes longer to stop in snow than in dry conditions.
  • Black Ice – this is a dangerous road condition for the simple fact that it appears as the same color as the road surface, hence the name “black ice.” It is when a thin layer of water freezes over and appears transparent. When it comes to black ice it is usually best to avoid driving at all as almost all vehicles are unstable on icy surfaces. Do your best to check temperatures and road conditions prior to hitting the road in order to avoid potential black ice situations.
  • Wet Leaves – they do not sound too dangerous but wet or icy leaves can be slippery on the road, especially for motorcycles. As a motorist or motorcyclist, your best bet is to avoid leaves on the road and be cautious when the weather is wet or icy.
  • Flooding – this is the result of heavy and prolonged rainfall. While you might not be traveling in the middle of such an event, large puddles still remain long after the rain stops. When driving a car, try to avoid going through a puddle — stick to the middle of the road where it is higher ground. Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the depth of a puddle and that could result in a flooded engine or vehicle.

Regardless of the inclement weather or hazardous road conditions, one thing that can help in all situations is slowing down. Take your time in the rain, snow or icy conditions and take the time to evaluate road conditions before taking to the road.

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