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Walmart Faces Lawsuit From Celebrity Injured In Truck Crash

July 25, 2014

Motor vehicle accidents happen in every state across the nation. And while some only get reported in local papers, some garner national attention. Sometimes this is because a celebrity or famous person was involved in the crash, while in other cases they are of national interest because they touch on a problem that affects the entire nation.

Both of these statements were true though with the truck accident that seriously injured actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, along with several others, and killed comedian James McNair. Some of our Pennsylvania readers may remember hearing about the June 7 crash that took place in New Jersey.

Reports indicated that a Walmart truck driver, who had fallen asleep at the wheel, slammed into the limousine carrying the celebrities. Morgan suffered a broken leg in the crash along with several broken ribs. It’s because of these injuries that the actor is filing a person injury lawsuit against Walmart and Walmart Transportation.

As some of you may not know, federal regulations exist that set limits on the amount of time truck drivers can be on the roads and require rest breaks between lengthy shifts. But according to Morgan’s lawsuit, Walmart did not follow these rules and allowed the driver, who may not have slept in more than 24 hours, to work two lengthy shifts back to back prior to the crash.

The lawsuit asserts that Walmart’s negligence was a contributing factor in the crash, which is why Morgan is seeking compensatory as well as punitive damages.

It’s unknown when the case will be heard or if Morgan will get a jury trial as was requested in his lawsuit.