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Two Die In Lake City Pennsylvania Motorcycle Crash

July 20, 2010

The Erie Times News reported this morning that two men were killed when their motorcycle collided with a vehicle on Route 5 in Girard Township just west of the Elk Creek Access area. Kurt A. Hainzer of Albion, 49 was operating the motorcycle and David M. Graham, 45, of West Springfield was a passenger on the motorcycle.

Details about the accident were limited but a recent posting on GoErie.com suggests that the motorcycle crossed the center line and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

This is the second double fatality motorcycle accident in Erie County in less than a week. It comes on the heels of another report that a local hospital is on a pace to set a new record in treating motorcycle injuries.

As an Erie injury lawyer, I’ve investigated many accidents and found that the facts can be wildly different from what is reported in the media or the initial accident report. So, I will avoid any comment on how this particular accident happened or what could have been done to avoid it. But this accident and all the others that have occurred in Erie this summer highlight the need for greater safety awareness by motorcyclists and motorists alike.

There are some very helpful and easy to read safety materials we provide on this site and we would encourage all readers to take a moment to review these materials.

For motorcyclists, we offer the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Operator’s Manual and links to helpful resources , including the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Site and a really interesting site (The Motorcycle Safety Group Site ) authored by motorcyclists for motorcyclists which purports to offer safety information and insight that traditional motorcycle safety sites won’t offer.

For car drivers we offer our article Ten Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcyclists and Pennsylvania’s brochure Ten Things All Car and Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles .

The articles for car drivers are short and easy reads. Given the tragic consequences of a motorist’s inattention during the summer riding season it is well worth the short time it takes to review the materials. The motorcyclist materials are more detailed and involved. They’re not difficult but they’ll take a little more time and attention. But motorcyclists, you are the ones who are vulnerable out there. It won’t make much difference to you if you’re legally right but in real life you’re injured or dead. You should take the time to stay up on this material and do everything you can to protect yourselves from all the road hazards, including careless car drivers.