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Truck Accident In Pennsylvania Impedes Toll Booth Traffic

March 27, 2015

As Pennsylvanian motorists are no doubt aware, there are no good places for truck accidents to occur. But some locations can be especially hazardous. For example, collisions in confined areas can pose specific dangers.Recently in South Whitehall Township, a tractor trailer reportedly overturned while on a ramp of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. According to a turnpike dispatch supervisor, the ramp leads in the direction of some toll booths. The supervisor also reported that the driver of the tractor trailer was able to extricate himself from the vehicle. And while the overturned vehicle hindered the progress of traffic, motorist were able to use one lane to proceed to the toll booths.Happily, there was no mention of injuries in the report. This may be owed to the fact that the incident took place on a Saturday. In many places, weekday morning traffic is crowded with motorists on their way to work. If a truck overturns during a heavy traffic period, there can be a greater likelihood of very serious consequences.Equally frightening is that the event reportedly happened on an exit ramp. Such ramps are often so narrow that when an accident occurs, it can be very difficult for other drivers to avoid being involved in a collision.Truck accidents can happen any day at any time. Victims of truck accidents can suffer severe injuries and excessive property damage. A thorough investigation can help determine liability. In turn, victims may have a stronger case as they seek appropriate compensation.If you are ever involved in a truck collision, A Pennsylvania attorney can perform an investigation. The attorney may also be able to represent your interests in your pursuit of recompense.