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Truck Accident Caused By Driver Allegedly Asleep At The Wheel

September 24, 2014

No one should ever get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And while the danger created by an impaired driver who is operating a passenger vehicle is severe, the threat of injury and damage caused by a truck accident involving an impaired driver is frightening to comprehend.

Pennsylvania drivers may wish to take note of an incident that occurred recently in New Jersey. A truck driver has been arrested after allegedly causing a tractor trailer accident.

Authorities state that the driver was impaired due to prescription drug use. According to police, he fell asleep while driving. His rig drifted from its lane and into a lane of oncoming traffic. As a result, he crashed head-on with another truck.

The collision caused the fuel tank of one of the trucks to rupture. According to an emergency management coordinator, the rupture led to the leakage of an estimated 50 to 60 gallons of fuel. A hazmat team had to respond to the accident site. Remarkably, there were no reports of serious injuries.

It is possible the lack of injuries could be attributed to both drivers being in vehicles that provided adequate accident protection. Should a smaller vehicle have been caught in the path of the truck with the allegedly slumbering driver, a much worse outcome may have resulted.

The elements of this crash are simply harrowing. Sadly, such events can occur anywhere and anytime a truck driver decides to slip behind the wheel in an impaired condition. Depending on the circumstances, the responsibility for this recklessness may not lie solely with the driver, but with the company that employs the driver as well.

Truck accidents can produce serious or even fatal injuries. Accountability must be assigned when a driver’s dangerous behavior brings harm to others. If you are involved in a truck accident, you can have your interests represented by a Pennsylvania accident attorney. The attorney can do an investigation, assess your needs and may be able to secure you proper compensation.

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