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Top 4 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

February 2, 2020

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER ERIE PAIt feels so freeing to be cruising down the road on your motorcycle, but it’s also inherently more dangerous than being in a car. Not only is a motorcycle smaller, but you’re also not protected by a frame and doors like you would be in a car.

For that reason, it’s important to remain vigilant about the top causes of motorcycle accidents. Raising awareness will help you avoid getting into a crash. Learn the top four causes of motorcycle accidents below.

1. Car Fails to Notice Motorcycle

The number one cause of motorcycle-related crashes involving another car is poor visibility. If you’re an avid rider, then you already know how often vehicles fail to give a biker enough space. Because bikes are smaller, cars tend to crowd them.

Despite a bike’s small size, it’s the law for motorists to give them the space they deserve on the road. Even if the driver argues that they didn’t detect you or see you, they’re still at fault if they cause an accident.

2. Cars Making a Left-Hand Turn

The second leading cause of motorcycle accidents is when a car makes a left-hand turn. Motorcycles may be trying to pass the car or go straight through an intersection. The car then strikes the motorcycle when they try to take a left-hand turn.

This failure to yield to traffic is almost always found to be the vehicleFailure ’s fault. Cars must give motorcyclists their rightful space on the road.

3. Unsafe Lane Changes

Unsafe lane changes are another common cause of motorcycle versus car accidents. These types of accidents are common because bikers can easily fit into a car’s blind spot. It’s still the driver’s responsibility to ensure the lane is free of traffic before moving over, though.

4. Car Doors

A surprising number of motorists are injured each year when they run straight into a car door. Most often, the motorist unexpectedly opens their car door into the lane of traffic and the biker doesn’t have enough time to respond. Ultimately, the motorcycle smashes into the open car door. This car driver is usually found to be at-fault in these circumstances. It’s crucial that you take extra care when you’re riding your motorcycle in an area where cars often park on the side of the road.

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