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The Many Benefits Of Dashboard Cameras

October 26, 2016

Small dashboard cameras (dash cams) that record footage in front of the car and inside the car are garnering acclaim from U.S. drivers for a variety of reasons.

A dash cam sometimes can clearly show who was at fault in an auto accident, enabling your lawyer to build a strong case in your favor when you file an insurance claim for injuries caused by the accident. It’s a good backup for fallible memories, fills in missing details lost due to the rapid-fire nature of an auto accident, and smooths out distorted perceptions caused by shock and confusion. A dash cam can also convince the opposition to back off their position and come to a settlement. Conversely, dash cams can solidify the inattention, or negligence, of the driver utilizing the dash cam.

Dash cams can also be a deterrent to traffic-accident scammers who ensnare innocent drivers in their insurance-fraud schemes. This practice is catching fire in the United States, following the lead of Russia and South Korea.

Another benefit of dash cams is that they help the concerned parents of young drivers. Parents can keep track of their child driver’s whereabouts and review their driving habits. Some dash-cam models can sense erratic car movements, too. Early trends show that kids are taking notice and adjusting their driving habits as evidenced by a decline in accidents.