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Semitruck Crashes Caused By Fatigue Demand Investigation

March 17, 2017

We recently discussed some of the common causes of trucking accidents. If you recall, there are many different causes of these crashes. Trucker fatigue is particularly troubling. This is one factor that can lead to a semitruck accident that is often preventable, but truckers might not take the steps necessary to prevent fatigued trucking.

When you are hit by a trucker who is suffering from fatigue, the reason for the fatigue is important. There are several reasons to consider. One of these is that the trucker is pushing himself or herself to keep going to meet deadlines or stay in compliance with trucking regulations. The decision to do this can be devastating.

Victims of semitruck accidents often face very serious injuries. These can be as serious as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or even death. If you were struck by a semitruck and lived to tell your story, you might decide that you are going to seek compensation.

We can help you to investigate the trucking accident cause when we work with you. If we find that fatigue is the cause, we can take steps to find out why the trucker was willing to risk a crash.

Once we know the reason, we can determine whom to hold accountable for the crash. This might be the trucker, but we can also find out if there is reason to hold the trucking company accountable in your claim. It is imperative that we find all liable parties to name in your claim.

As your case moves forward, we can help you to explore possible resolutions, including settlements. These can often help you get the compensation you deserve much faster than if you have to go through a trial.