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Safety Measures For Runners And Cyclists May Be Not Enough

May 31, 2016

Despite high-tech advances in safety gear for athletes, careless accidents cost the lives of many each year. Regardless of the sport, whether it be running or cycling, there are countless new products out there to keep weekend warriors and competitive athletes safe while roadside. Unfortunately, despite sporting goods companies’ best attempts to make these sports safe, negligent drivers passing by continue to pose a very real threat.

For athletes, searching for safety gear while running or cycling is as easy as a click on the computer. Online sporting goods stores have exploded with countless types of safety gear designed to increase the visibility of athletes. Unfortunately, thousands of cyclists, walkers and runners are hit each year by passing vehicles. According to estimates provided by RoadID, approximately 120,000 roadside athletes are struck by cars annually.

Walkers, runners and cyclists all take great care staying safe while roadside. Not only are they responsible for planning for weather conditions, routes and geographic difficulties, they must also plan for traffic. Proper planning and experience can limit the threat of dangerous weather and route issues, but it has little to do with the threat of passing vehicles.

No matter what your sport is or how avid you are, engaging in any roadside activity is dangerous. You may find it comforting to be decked out in the best gadgets and gear available, but there is no way to plan for the carelessness of others. If you have been injured roadside or have lost a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of a driver, consider working with an experienced personal injury attorney.