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Safety Course Helps Prepare Motorcyclists For The Road

November 22, 2015

It seems that more and more people are discovering the fun and advantages that can be had in riding motorcycles. One advantage is having a vehicle that gets good gas mileage. In addition, the fun is self-evident as it just feels great to be traveling down the road at one with the elements.

However, exposure to the elements can also leave motorcyclists extremely vulnerable to physical injuries when accidents occur. For this reason, it may be a good idea for beginning riders to get some schooling on how to safely operate their new motorcycles.

As we mentioned in a previous post about how to get a motorcycle license, it is possible to take advantage of the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Training Program. The Basic Rider Course covers a wide range of important motorcycle-related topics, including:

  • The use of protective riding gear.
  • How to perform maneuvers such as turning, stopping and swerving.
  • How to avoid hazards on the road.

The course takes 15 total hours, which are divided between five hours of classroom time and 10 hours of riding time. For the riding portion of the course, you will be provided with a helmet and motorcycle. One of the best perks of taking the Basic Rider Course is that upon successful completion, those who are over 18 are automatically licensed riders.

It is important for motorcyclists to possess strong riding skills. The ability to make the right maneuvers when faced with a road hazard could spare a rider from severe or even fatal injuries. However, even experienced riders may not be able to counter the actions of a negligent or aggressive driver.

If you are ever injured while riding a motorcycle, you may find yourself in need of compensation to cover your medical expenses and damages. A Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney can work on your behalf to help you get a level of compensation that appropriately covers your costs.