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Roar On The Shore Arrives Erie Motorcycle Lawyers

July 16, 2010

An old high school friend called me this morning and said he was in town. I suggested we ought to get together for drinks and so we met at Molly Brannigan’s.

I’d forgotten that Erie’s motorcycle rally “Roar on the Shore” was just about to get underway. We ended up sitting at a sidewalk table and watching the motorcycles and pedestrians and other traffic this great event brings to the community.

More than a couple of people stopped to chat and talk about their bikes while we enjoyed the evening.

Erie’s “Roar on the Shore” is really a spectacular event for Erie and it was a pleasant and welcome surprise for me to be able to enjoy it Wednesday. I hope it continues to grow and become a bigger and better event every year. In fact, I expect to talk to my partner about helping to sponsor the event next year.

But it reminds me again of how important it is for car drivers to be aware of the presence of motorcycles on the roads. Of course, car drivers should be aware of motorcycles year round but being alert for these men and women is particularly important in summer and at times like “Roar on the Shore” when there are thousands gathering in Erie for the event.

We’ve got tips for drivers to follow to help make the road safe for motorcyclists in our articles library and would encourage interested readers to click HERE to read more about what drivers can do to be safe and courteous to motorcycle operators. Motorcyclists have to look out for themselves, too, of course and so we’ve provided a link to a great site that provides over 260 safety tips for motorcyclists HERE .

The Erie Motorcycle Lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. hope for this year’s “Roar on the Shore” to be the biggest and best event yet and most of all ask that everyone take special precautions to make it a safe and enjoyable weekend for everyone.