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Preserving Evidence is a Must in a Personal Injury Accident

August 7, 2018

Erie Car Accident Lawyer After you have just been injured in an accident it can be tough to try and think clearly with all of the emotions and thoughts running through your mind. This is why the importance of preserving evidence in the days following an accident are of utmost importance, as the longer you wait to do so the harder it becomes to get a clear picture of the exact events that occurred. Whether it be finding witnesses, documenting your injuries or photographing the scene of where it all took place there are several things one should do to properly preserve evidence after being injured in an accident.

Returning to the Scene of the Accident

First and foremost once you are able to you will want to return to the scene of the accident as soon as possible. Once there you can try and find any evidence or take pictures of the area to help show anything that could have aided in the fact that you were involved in an accident. It is hard to see or think clearly when an accident is happening but if you go back after the fact when things have calmed down you may find or see something that clearly shows why the incident occurred even though you did not notice it when it happened at the time. Whether it an improper sign, a broken traffic light or even a pothole that should have been fixed, returning to the scene of the accident as soon as you can may give you the beneficial information you will need to prove why the accident occurred in the first place.

Any person who saw what happened can be extremely helpful when trying to make your case. Not only can they describe and confirm things that you already know contributed to your accident they may also have additional knowledge you are not even aware of that could help improve your case. People do not always have long memories even in instances such as these so it is vital to find them and get down what they know on paper as soon as possible.

Even if you believe you will never forget the pain you felt after being in an accident it is critical to document any and all marks, cuts, bruises or swelling you may have suffered as a result of the event. When trying to prove your injuries to an insurance company it can only help if you keep thorough medical records of any treatment you received for your injuries as well as documenting your pain day by day rather than trying to rely on your memory to know how you felt. Go to a doctor to get treated as soon as possible, because if you do in fact believe you have serious injuries but end up waiting a long time to see a doctor it will be harder to prove that your injuries were that serious if you waited a long period of time before even bothering to get them checked out.

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