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Personal Injury Cases In Pennsylvania: A Short Guide

November 5, 2019

personal injury lawyer erie paThe legal term “personal injury” actually refers to a number of different causes of action from slips and falls and car crashes to unsafe consumer products and assaults. The most common personal injury suits stem from motor vehicle accidents. When it comes down to it, if you have suffered harm and believe that someone else has been negligent or is liable for your injuries, a personal injury suit is usually the road to recovery. If you are considering a personal injury suit, there are a few things you should be aware of when starting the process.

Contact An Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you suffer an injury through negligence or fault, you only have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit before you are barred from doing so. This time period is known as a Statute of Limitations, and in most cases the clock begins to tick on the day that the incident in question occurred. In Pennsylvania, most civil cases have a Statute of Limitations of two years. There are a few causes of action that have a longer or shorter Statute of Limitations, so it is vitally important that once you are able to get in touch with an attorney and begin discussing your options. The right attorney will be able to guide you through the process from the very beginning from filing the suit in the right court, to gathering evidence to support your case, and formulating strategies to get you the best outcome possible. They will also engage the other side’s attorney or their insurance on your behalf, negotiating possible settlements and handling a trial if necessary.

Don’t Talk To Anyone Without A Lawyer

Unlike criminal courts, a party is not granted Miranda rights for any statements they make about the case. Any statements that you make to an insurance adjuster or any other representative can use your statements against you. So be sure to talk to an attorney first. It is important to note that Pennsylvania is a two-party consent state when it comes to recordings. So if you are talking to an insurance adjuster on the phone, they must request your permission first before they are allowed to record the call for evidentiary purposes. If they ask, say no, and call your attorney. This way, you cannot be tricked into making a statement you didn’t mean to make.

Releases and Record-Keeping

If someone asks you to sign any sort of legal release form regarding your accident, say no! Have your attorney take a look at it first to avoid being swindled into taking less than you are entitled to or waive your right to sue completely. Also important is to keep everything related to the accident or incident for evidentiary purposes. Medical bills and charts, lost wages, bills for property damages, this is how your lawyer can help prove that you suffered actual harm and give them a starting point for damages negotiations.

Above all, don’t make any decisions without consulting a lawyer first! It can mean a huge difference in your recovery.

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