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Pennsylvania Safe Driving Resources Pa Accident Lawyers

July 28, 2010

Pennsylvania offers some very helpful resources for drivers. One of them is the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual which is an excellent resource for information about the laws of vehicle operation in Pennsylvania and tips for the safe operation of vehicles in Pennsylvania. As a convenience to our readers, we provide a copy of the manual on our site for free download and review.

The manual is the most current available as of the date downloaded on our site but you may want to double check with the Department’s site HERE to confirm that there is not a more recent version available.

At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., we are northwest Pennsylvania injury lawyers committed to educating people about Pennsylvania car accidents and how to take action to avoid them. In addition to the convenience of making these free Pennsylvania materials available we have also authored a book, “The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Cases in Pennsylvania: A Roadmap to Justice ” and we make that available for free as well. Just click on the link and provide your information (which we never share with anyone) and you can download it for free or we’ll send you a hard copy.

Of course, if you or someone you love has been injured in a Pennsylvania car accident and you’d just like to skip the paperwork and go straight to a free, no-obligation consult with an experienced Erie injury lawyer, either click HERE and send us your information or call us at our toll free number 814-273-2010 or locally at 814-273-2010. We’ll be glad to do our best to help you.