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Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawyers Review Best Hospitals Article 2 Near Erie

July 19, 2011

July 20, 2011, ERIE, PA — U. S. News is well known for publishing their “Best of” articles. I am a little conflicted about these sorts of articles. On the one hand, they are fun to read and helpful in the sense that they try to use measurables to identify the “Best of” in any category. On the other, the process of selecting criteria is subjective and the criteria themselves can be, too. The results, therefore, can be misleading.

This mixed bag of responses is well illustrated in the article released today. Today’s “Best of” article purports to list the 17 best hospitals in the United States. I’m pleased to note that two hospitals within an easy drive of Erie, Pennsylvania made the list: The Cleveland Clinic is listed at #4 and UPMC-University of Pittsburgh comes in at #12

On the other hand, the methodology used to produce this list intentionally skewed in favor of high-risk procedures or those requiring unusual skills. Interesting, but most patient needs are, by definition, more mundane.

The point, I suppose, is what we’ve stressed here before . When considering where you should go for treatment of your condition (or whom you should see), you should perform research that is specific to your needs.

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