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Pennsylvania Mans Friends Help Out After Motorcycle Accident

September 4, 2014

Pennsylvania can provide a motorcyclist with an endless supply of beautiful thoroughfares to travel. But unfortunately, some motor vehicle drivers do not pay close enough attention to the road when riders are in their midst. A story about a national guardsman from Pennsylvania who was in a motorcycle accident has details that are all at once frightening and inspiring.

In July, the guardsman was riding his Harley Davidson when he slowed down while approaching an intersection. He was then reportedly struck from behind by a Jeep Cherokee.

The guardsmen survived, but he incurred critical injuries. He has had to undergo eight major surgeries and according to his mother, is expected to have more in the future. And while his situation is certainly very challenging, he does have one thing going for him: his friends.

Recently, as the guardsmen sat in a wheelchair in a hospital parking lot, about 200 motorcyclists rode by in tribute to their fallen comrade. The parking lot visit was part of a run that the motorcyclists had started close to the location of the guardsman’s accident. The ride was a portion of a benefit to help the guardsman pay for his medical bills.

As this story clearly demonstrates, the results of a car hitting a motorcycle can be catastrophic. While the support of his friends will likely help offset some of the guardsman’s medical costs, there is no way of knowing just how much money he is going to need in the long run.

If you or a loved one are ever in a serious motorcycle accident, there are innumerable issues you will need to resolve. For example, from an insurance standpoint, motorcycle accidents can prove difficult to fully collect on. In addition, there is the question of who is liable.

A motorcycle accident attorney may understand all the complications of seeking compensation. The attorney may also know how to proceed through the various processes necessary to get you the recompense you need.

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