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Pennsylvania Home Care Nursing Malpractice Lawyer Verdict 23 Million

September 18, 2011

September 19, 2011, ERIE, PA — A $23 million Pennsylvania malpractice jury verdict highlights the tragic consequences that result from Pennsylvania nursing carelessness. The Pennsylvania jury found that a home care nursing company was responsible for causing a woman to lose portions of both legs to infection in the significant Pennsylvania nursing negligence verdict.

The victim had been receiving home health care nursing services for complications from Crohn’s disease. A bacterial infection developed in her feeding tube but her home health care nurse failed to report the infection. The delay in addressing the problem caused the victim to develop a life-threatening blood infection. Although doctors were able to save the woman’s life, they had to amputate portions of both of her legs.

The Pennsylvania nursing malpractice verdict was intended to compensate the victim for medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering. Plaintiff’s counsel, Atty. Matt Casey, said the victim hoped the verdict would cause the Pennsylvania nursing company to increase safety efforts. Interestingly, however, the home healthcare nursing company continued to deny responsibility, even after the verdict, causing doubt about whether they intended to do anything to better their care.

The victim lost her legs over three years ago and the nursing company has never admitted responsibility. This pattern of delay and deny is typical in Pennsylvania medical malpractice cases. Most malpractice defendants, indeed most health care providers, see Pennsylvania juries and the civil justice system as the problem. Rarely do malpractice defendants or other health care industry players admit that the real problem is carelessness by professional and paid care providers.

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