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Pennsylvania Family Narrowly Misses Tragedy In Car Accident

August 7, 2014

Most of the time while traveling the scenic roadways of Pennsylvania, good drivers are capable of observing potential hazards and reacting accordingly. Motorists can greatly decrease the likelihood of car accidents simply by staying alert while behind the wheel. But events can transpire that may take even the keenest of drivers by surprise.

Recently, in Pennsylvania, a family underwent a harrowing experience when a truck struck the minivan in which they were riding. According to police, a Mack trash truck rolled over the minivan after losing control while exiting Interstate 95. The family of three, a father, a mother and their 17-year-old son, managed to escape the crash while incurring minor injuries.

The fire marshal of Bristol Township stated that the parents were able to get themselves out of the minivan after the crash. However, the son remained trapped in the vehicle and reportedly had to be rescued prior to being taken to the hospital with his parents.

The family was described by the fire marshal as being very lucky. He said that it is unusual for crashes of such magnitude to yield only minor injuries. The trash truck’s driver was described as being uninjured from the crash. Information regarding the incident is still being sought.

This accident was extremely serious and merits a thorough investigation. A similar situation could easily result in passengers receiving serious or even fatal injuries.

Investigations conducted by police officials can prove beneficial in gleaning some information about an accident. However, sometimes a more detailed level of examination is required to unearth important facts.

The more information you have about an accident, the stronger you can make your case when seeking compensation for injuries and damages. A Pennsylvania accident attorney may be able to help expedite an investigation and use the findings in pursuit of recompense.