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Pennsylvania Falling Objects Lawyer Corn Thrown From Meadville Bridge At Traffic

September 4, 2011

September 5, 2011, Meadville, PA — State Police are looking for suspects who threw corn cobs from an I-79 overpass at passing cars in Hayfield Township. According to police, the windshield of a Ford Explorer was shattered and a KIA SUV was damaged in the incident, which occurred near 9:04 p.m.

People with information about the incident are asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police at (814) 336-6911.

It appears that none was injured in this incident and I don’t imagine that the people responsible thought that anyone would be injured. Throwing things from a bridge at cars traveling at highway speed, however, is incredibly dangerous. This is more than, “Someone could have lost an eye!” The risk presented by this activity is extreme. Aside from the forces involved when a falling object of only a few pounds is struck by a four thousand pound car going 65 mph (I’ll leave the calculation to you engineers out there), driver reactions at that speed can be erratic and tragic.

Pennsylvania Falling Object Injury Lawyer

The law of falling objects is surprisingly well-developed (law in the legal sense, not the physics sense). There are many instances of people injured by objects thrown from overpasses or dropped from above at construction sites. Naturally, when you have a mode of injury that continues to recur you also have a body of case law that has developed to address how liability is to be assigned in those circumstances. If you have been injured by a falling object, you can have a free consult (no-strings attached) with one of our experienced Pennsylvania falling object injury attorneys by calling 814-273-2010 or toll free 814-273-2010.

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